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frequent reports that the enemy were moving to the left. (See my dispatches to General McClellan of June 29, 1862, and following with comments.)

Page 75:

Some time had been lost under the impression that the attack on the right bank might be a feint. An end was soon put to all doubts on the subject by the vehemence of the attack, and by the aeronauts who reported the whole Confederate army moving to the scene of action. It was then that Sumner received the order to pass the river with his divisions.

NOTE. - See my dispatches of May 31 and June 1 with comments.

Page 86:

The presence of Jackson at Hanover Court-House proved that he intended to attack our communications, and cut them off by seizing the York River Railway. The maneuver was soon put beyond a doubt. A considerable body of troops were seen to leave Richmond, move in the direction of Jackson, and execute that movement to turn us, the danger of which we have already pointed out.

NOTE. - The above information was given in my reports of the 26th and 27th of June, 1862.

T. S. C. LOWE.


WAR DEPT., ADJT. GENERAL'S OFFICE, Numbers 165. Washington, June 5, 1863.

Under the law of 17th July, 1862, and Regulations of the Treasury Department in conformity therewith, the following rules for the rendition of accounts of the Quartermaster's Department are established, and all regulations inconsistent therewith are revoked.

1. All officers of the Quartermaster's Department who receive public money which they are not authorized to retain as salary, pay, or emolument, shall endear their money accounts monthly, mailing or forwarding them addressed direct to the Third Auditor of the Treasury, at Washington, within ten days after the expirations of each successive month. the accounts and vouchers to be thus rendered are: Forms Nos. 10 to 22 inclusive, and Nos. 48 to 50, of the Revised Regulations of the Army. These accounts and vouchers are to be made up in duplicate; one copy of each to be retained by the officer for his own protection, the other copy to be forwarded, as above required, direct to the Third Auditor, and not to the Quartermaster-General.

2. Whenever an officer ceases, from any reason, to be a disbursing officer, he will immediately render his final accounts, with vouchers, to the Third Auditor.

3. Monthly report sand property turns will be forwarded not to be Treasury, but direct to the Quartermaster-General. They will all be rendered monthly instead of quarterly, and will be mailed or otherwise forwarded within ten days after the expiration of each successive month.

The returns to be thus rendered are: Forms Nos. 1 to 9, Nos. 23 to 46, and Nos. 51 to 52, Revised Regulations. The returns, forms Nos. 23 to 46, and Nos. 51, should always be made out in triplicate; all the other papers in duplicate only. One complete set of these returns, with vouchers, should be retained by the officer for his own protection; the rest to be sent to the Quartermaster-General.

It will be observed that two copies of the returns, Forms 23 and 51, will thus be forwarded to the Quartermaster-General, of which one only will be accompanied by abstracts and vouchers.