War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0315 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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3.15 P. M.

A brigade of the enemy left from opposite the upper crossing fifteen minutes since, and crossed Deep Run, and is now moving to the right toward Banks" Ford. They have also disappeared from opposite our extreme left, below the lower crossing.

T. S. C. LOWE.

3.45 P. M.

The enemy's troops that I saw moving to the right took the Plank road in the rear of Fredericksburg.

T. S. C. LOWE.

MAY 2, 1863 - 4.15 P. M.

The enemy have entirely withdrawn their advanced line, with the exception of a small picket force.

T. S. C. LOWE.

5.30 P. M.

Nearly all of the enemy's force have been withdrawn from the opposite side. I can only see a small force in the neighborhood of their earth-works. I cannot at this time get a sufficient elevation to tell what roads they take,but should judge by the appearance of army wagons moving to the right that the troops are moving that way also.

T. S. C. LOWE.

SIGNAL STATION, May 3, 1863.

Professor LOWE:

I am directed to inform you that your reports can be forwarded to headquarters Army of Potomac by telegraph. The station is where is was yesterday. Your reports to General Sedgwick can be forwarded by flag signals from station on bluff, immediately in front.

With great respect, your obedient servant,


First Lieutenant, in Charge Telegraph Station.

At 6 a. m. I was called upon by an aide, who said the general desired me to make a close examination of the enemy's position, and to point out his strongest and weakest points along the line of earthworks about Fredericksburg. The following was my report:

MAY 3, 1863 - 5.15 A. M.

Major-General SEDGWICK, and


Chief of Staff:

The enemy have apparently increased their force furring the night, and appear again at the foot of the opposite heights. There does not appear to be as many, however, as yesterday morning.

T. S. C. LOWE.

7.15 A. M.

Major-General SEDGWICK, and


Chief of Staff:

The enemy's infantry is very light along the whole line opposite here, and especially immediately in the rear of Fredericksburg. I can see no troops moving this way on any of the roads. Heavy cannonading has just commenced on the right toward Chancellorsville.

T. S. C. LOWE.

Our troops were immediately concentrated in front, and at 11 o"clock the point reported by me to be the weakest was charged and very handsomely taken. I do not believe that any other point could have been taken by the same number of men.