War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0282 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Doctor Gaines" House, June 1, 1862.

Brigadier-General HUMPHREYS, or

General MARCY,

Chief of Staff:

The reserve of the enemy are considerably strengthened on the New Bridge road, and troops are still moving that way from Richmond; they do not seem to be gathering in any great numbers on the immediate heights along the Chickahominy. Our supports, with army wagons, are in a southeast direction from here, advancing, and about three miles from the fire of yesterday. Musketry is in constant operation in the same direction as yesterday. The banks of the Chickahominy are overflowed as far as can be seen.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,

T. S. C. LOWE,

Chief Aeronaut.


Near Doctor Gaines" House, June 1, 1862-11 a.m.

Brigadier-General HUMPHREYS, or

General R. B. MARCY,

Chief of Staff:

My ascent and observations just completed show the firing of the enemy to be in the same position. The road in the rear of the firing is filled with wagons and troops. About two miles still farther to the rear of Fair Oaks Station, and on the Williamsburg stage road, Charles City road, and Central road, are also large bodies of troops; in fact, I am astonished at their numbers compared with ours, although they are more concentrated than we are. Their whole force seem to be paying attention to their right. A regiment has just marched to the front, where we are preparing a crossing. Their large barracks to the left of Richmond is entirely free from smoke, and in fact, the whole city and surroundings are nearly free from smoke, which enables me to see with distinctness the enemy's earth-works. Quite a large body of troops are on the other side of the river, about two miles from here, to our left.

The wearther is now calm, and an excellent opportunity id offered for an engineer officer to accompany me.

The balloon at Mechanicsville is constantly up.

Your very obedient servant,

T. S. C. LOWE.

JUNE 1, 1862.

Prfessor LOWE:

Direct your attention to a force said to be approaching toward our left, apparently to attack the working parties at the bridge below New Bridge. It is said a gun is planted to strike the bridge. Send me intelligence by bearer and at once communicate to me or General---, when present, what is passing.


Brigadier-General, in Charge of Porter's Division.

JUNE 1, 1862-12.15 p.m.


About one hour ago full regiment moved up into the woods toward where our left crossing is being made. I have seen no artillery moved up, nor can I see any from here. I think, however, there is artillery in the woods.

Very respectfully,

T. S. C. LOWE,

Chief Aeronaut.


June 1, 1862.

Professor LOWE:

The enemy has been repulsed wherever he attacked. Watch the motions of the enemy and his wagons and see where goes the force before Mechanicsville.


Professor LOWE:

Can you see General Sumner's corps near the line of railroad about four miles from the Chickahominy? Was the train of our wagons you saw going toward Richmond or toward James River? Can you see the gun-boats on James River?

Which direction does the smoke run?


Chief of Staff.