War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0251 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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3. The months" pay in advance for accepted regular and volunteer recruits will be paid under such regulations as may be established by the Paymaster-General.

II. During the continuance of the existing war, and under section 6 of the act approved July 5, 1862 (General Orders, 77, Adjutant-General's Office, 1862, p.7), $25 of the $100 bounty will be paid to every accepted recruit of the regular and volunteer forces.

These payments will be made as follows, viz:

1. To recruits for volunteer organizations in the field when the said recruits are inspected and mustered into the service, and to those of the new organizations when their companies are organized, muster-in rolls made out, and the mustering officer's certificate given thereto. The amounts will be entered on the muster-in rolls, opposite the names of the recruits, respectively. They will be accounted for under the head of "Bounty-Volunteer recruiting service." To this end an account current separate from that for the for "collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers" will be used, but the "bounty fund" will be disbursed by the regularly appointed mustering and disbursing officers.

2. To recruits for the regular service when the recruit has been passed by the "board of inspectors" at the regimental or general service depot, as the case may be. The amounts under this head will be paid from the recruiting funds for the Regular Army, and entered on the recruiting account current, opposite the names of the recruits, respectively; and also on the first descriptive list of the soldier; whenever this list is given before bounty has been paid, an entry-"$25 bounty due for enlistment"-will be made thereon.

In case of re-enlisted soldiers in the Regular Army, the entry as to payment or non-payment will be made on the first muster- roll, and the superintendent of the recruiting service will be notified of the fact.

3. Vouchers for payment will be in the form of consolidated receipt rolls.

III. Volunteer soldiers who, after the expiration of their term, re-enter the service for three years of during the war, receive the same bounties, advanced pay and premiums, and are paid in the same manner, as men enlisted from civil life.

IV. To facilitate the payment of the $25 advanced bounty and $2 premium in individual cases of enlistment and to discharged soldiers, when these amounts have not been paid at the time of muster into service, the following rules will govern:

1. The amounts will be entered on the muster-in roll, and will be entered and continued on every subsequent muster and pay roll until the soldier is paid by the paymaster.

2. When not paid before discharge, the amounts due for premium and bounty will be entered upon the duplicate certificates (final statements) for pay, and the discharged soldier will be paid by the paymaster. Company commanders will be careful to enter these amounts on the soldiers" final certificates.

V. The following is an act to amend an act entitled "An act to authorize the employment of volunteers to aid in enforcing the laws and protecting public property, "approved July 22, 1861. (See General Orders, No. 49, Adjutant-General's Office, of 1861, p.3.)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That every non-commissioned office, private,