War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0232 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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In executing this duty the undersigned avail themselves of the occasion to say that the general committee of which they are the organ represents all of the active and unconditional Union men of the cities of New Orleans and Jefferson, and that the conclusions arrived at in this report are the results of long and thorough deliberation.

We respectfully solicit your aid, and assistance to carry out the wishes of the Union men we represent, and the benefit of your wisdom and counsel in the undertaking.

We also avail ourselves of the occasion to express to you the high sense entertained by the Union associations we represent, and by ourselves, individually, for the patriotic and useful, labors you have performed for Louisiana and our beloved country at large, and we have the honor to be,

Your most obedient servant,


President of the General Committee.



[Sub-inclosure Numbers 1.] A plan of proceedings for the calling of a convention of the loyal citizens of Louisiana, to the end of framing a new State constitution and of re-establishing civil government under the Constitution of the United States, said, plan having been adopted by a meeting of delegates from the various Union societies of this city and the parish of Jefferson, at their sitting of the 21st May, 1863, with directions to have the same signed by the president and secretary of said meeting, and presented to Governor George F. Shepley for his consideration, viz:

I. That the loyal people of Louisiana desire that there be framed a new constitution adapted to the change of circumstances and conditions produced by the rebellion.

II. That to frame a new constitution it is necessary that a State convention be called, representing the loyal of Louisiana.

III. That the convention so called should hold their sessions at the Municipal Hall in the city of New Orleans.

IV. That every loyal free white made citizen of the United States, and those who have declared or may declare their intentions to become citizens of the United States, over the age of twenty-one years, who have resided six months in the State and one month in the parish, and who shall comply with the additional requirements hereinafter prescribed shall have the right to vote for delegates to the said convention.

V. That the delegates to the said convention shall be elected on a basis of one delegate for every 2,500 of the free white people of each parish as shown by the census of the United States for 1860, giving one delegate for every fraction of said people in each parish over 1,250, and also giving each parish at least one delegate. The apportionment proposed is illustrated in the annexed table, marked A.*

VI. To secure the election against illegal or disloyal votes, a registry of all loyal voters should be taken in every parish in the State by commissioners, loyal citizens of the United States, especially appointed to make such registers. No one should be admitted to any such registry who does not first come forward and subscribe his name to the


*Not found.