War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0227 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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16. All other details will be conducted in the manner prescribed in the Regulations for the Recruiting Service in the Regular Army.

17. The premiums for accepted recruits as laid down in paragraph 1315 General Regulations, will not, however,be allowed in the Invalid Corps service.

SECTION 2. - Detailed instructions.

1. Companies will be organized of the minimum strength authorized by law for infantry. A fair proportion of non-commissioned officers, &c., will be assigned or appointed to each company. Invalid officers capable of performing the duty may be temporarily assigned as company officers, who will take immediately charge of the companies. They may afterward be appointed in the Invalid Corps when the requirements of General Orders, Numbers 105, are complied with. Each company will, as far as practicable, be formed of men of different States.

2. Duplicate muster and descriptive rolls will be made out, one to be retained by the company commander and one sent to the Provost-Marshal-General.

3. If any men are transferred from active regiments and assigned to companies of the Invalid Corps, the rolls must show the company, the regiment, and the State to which such men belong. The heading and indorsement of these rolls will be altered so as to read * * * First (or Fourth, or Sixteenth) Company, First (or Second, or Third) Battalion Invalid Corps, organized at


. These rolls will be signed by the officers making the inspection and assignment, and will be filled up with descriptive lists, clothing account, &c., as far as the records will permit.

4. Men enlisted in or transferred to the Invalid Corps will be required to perform all duties within the limits of their physical capacity, as laid down in the rules and regulations for that corps, but for the convenience of service they will be selected for three grades of duty. Those who are most efficient and able-bodied, and capable of using the musket, and performing guard duty, light marches,&c., will be assigned to companies of the First Battalion. Those of the next degree of physical efficiency, including all who have lost a hand or an arm, to the companies of the Second Battalion. Those who are least effective, and including all who have lost a foot or leg, to the companies of the Third Battalion.

5. For present convenience, the companies of each battalion will be numbered from one up, according to the number organized at any one place. The batteries will be numbered first second and third,according to the grade of efficiency of the men; but care will be observed to designate the place where the company is organized, as First Company, First Battalion, Invalid Corps, organized at Convalescent Camp, Alexandria, Va.: Fifth Company, Second Battalion, Invalid Corps, organized at Depot Camp, at Harrisburg, Pa.; First Company, Third Battalion, Invalid Corps, organized at Portsmouth Grove Hospital.

When these rolls are received at the Provost-Marshal-General's Office, at Washington, and the invalid officers are appointed, they will be assigned to companies, and the companies will be lettered as A, B, C,&c., and battalions assigned to regiments and numbered. Men of every State will as far as practicable, be assigned to the same company, and no companies will be formed of men all from one State.