War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0224 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Washington City, May 25, 1863.

His Excellency A. G. CURTIN,

Governor of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pa.:

Since the telegram to you was sent Lieutenant-Colonel McCartney has called at the Department, and from his statement there appears to be some misunderstanding by the paymasters of the regulations respecting accounts to be rendered by officers. They are required by regulations, based upon law, to render an account of all ordnance and quartermaster's property receipted for by them before they can be paid off. Rendering the account is a compliance with the regulations, but they pay is not to be stopped until the account is settled at the Treasury. If the account is found to be false, the officer may hereafter be punished by indictment, but he is entitled to his pay on the account being rendered. This has always been he regulation, and it cannot be changed without injury to the service. Lieutenant- Colonel McCartney states that the officers can render their accounts, and instructions will be given the paymasters to correct and misapprehensions they may have as to the regulations.

By order of the Secretary of War:




Washington City, D. C. May 25, 1863.


Governor of Vermont, Brattleborough:

DEAR SIR: I acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 22nd instant. It is not the desire of this Department to consolidate the regiments except where it may be absolutely necessary. The design is to fill up the old regiments by drafted men under the enrollment act. In regard to the importance of keeping up the old organizations, and thus retaining the services of experienced officers, I concur entirely in your opinion. I shall be very glad always, to have your opinion upon any subject relative to the service, and will be ready promptly to accept any suggestions that may occur to you. It will probably be found that not much difference of opinion will exist between us.

Yours, truly,


Secretary of War.


Wheeling, Va., May 25, 1863.

Colonel J. B. FRY,


SIR: The officers of the present State government, including Governor Peirpoint and the prospective Governor of the State of West Virginia, Honorable A. I. Boreman, of Parkersburg, Va., having protested against any steps to be taken for some time in West Virginia to enforce the enrollment act, I purpose in a few days, on the return