War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0222 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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cers from those under his immediate orders, to perform, under his directions, the duties of recruiting officers. Suitable enlisted men to serve as recruiting sergeants under these officers will be selected from among those enlisted for the Invalid Corps.

The acting assistant provost-marshal-general in each State will at once take steps to establish, under command of competent, officers a camp of rendezvous for the Invalid Corps in his State. Provision shall be made at this camp for the reception and accommodation of such soldiers as may be transferred to the Invalid Corps from hospitals convalescent camps, or active regiments, as well as of such men as may be sent to it for enlistment in the corps from the various districts of the State. Men sent for enlistment from districts will report to the commanding officer at the camp immediately upon their arrival thereat, and will present to him at the same time their certificates from the Board of Enrollment by which they were sent. They shall be examined as soon as practicable thereafter by the recruiting officer, and if deemed by him suitable for soldiers in the Invalid Corps they shall be at once enlisted, if not, they shall be rejected, and furnished with a transportation ticket to the headquarters of the district whence they came. Quarters and subsistence shall be provided for them till enlisted or returned to district headquarters as herein provided for.

In cases where neither camps nor barracks, already hired by or belonging to the Government can be secured for camps of rendezvous, contracts for the hire of suitable grounds for such purposes or a period not to exceed three months shall at once be made by the respective acting assistant provost-marshal-general, subject to the approval of the Provost-Marshal-General.

The acting assistant provost-marshal-general in each State shall make requisitions on the proper departments for such clothing, camp and garrison equipage, subsistence stores, and other public property as may be required for use at the camps of rendezvous for their respective States. They shall also recommend to the Provost-Marshal-General suitable officers to be detailed for duty at such camps.

Estimates for the camps of rendezvous in the respective States shall be made for companies, as follows, viz:

Maine, 4 companies; New Hampshire, 4 companies; Vermont 4 companies, Massachusetts, 10 companies; Rhode Island, 3 companies; Connecticut, 5 companies; New York (each assistant provost-marshal-general), 10 companies; New Jersey, 8 companies; Pennsylvania, 15 companies; Delaware, 2 companies; Maryland, 8 companies; Kentucky, 6 companies; Ohio, 15 companies, Michigan 6 companies; Indiana, 10 companies; Illinois, 10 companies, Missouri, 8 companies; Iowa, 8 companies; Wisconsin; 8 companies; Minnesota, 5 companies; Kansas, 2 companies; District of Columbia, 10 companies.

Companies shall be uniformed armed, and equipped at the camp of rendezvous as soon as organized, and be sent to such stations as may be designated by the Provost-Marshal-General.

The rent of the camps and recruiting rendezvous herein provided for, expenses of stationery, office furniture, and of other expenses properly belonging to the recruiting service, will be paid upon the prescribed vouchers by the disbursing officer of the Provost-Marshal-General's Department in this city.

Further instructions in detail will be issued by the time the preparations therein required are completed.