War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0179 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Abstract from returns of the U. S. Army, April 30, 1863.

Command Present for Aggregate Aggregate

duty-officers present present and

and men absent

Department of 35,670 44,832 55,229

the Gulf


Department of 32,705 36,589 43,025

Virginia (Dix)

Department of 14,000 16,785 34,514

North Carolina


Department of 31,670 40,426 52,806

the Missouri


Department of 82,724 99,360 137,150

the Cumberland


Department of 33,752 40,700 57,740

the Ohio


Department of 97,344 116,483 149,769

the (Grant)

Army of the 138,378 157,990 206,628



Department of 34,925 44,223 53,344



Middle 33,531 39,507 49,515



Department of 2,712 3,285 3,757

the East


Department of 2,219 2,931 3,427

New Mexico


Department of 6,548 7,266 8,491

the Northwest


Department of 3,347 4,425 5,191

the Pacific


Department of 18,326 21,102 24,827

the South


Total 567,851 675,904 885,413



Washington, May 1, 1863.

I. From and after the 1st day of May all enlistments of volunteers shall be under the special charge and direction of the Provost-Marshal-General, under the rules and regulations heretofore made, which are hereby continued in force, and such other rules of the department as may from time to time be made. All disbursing officers, and all other officers connected with the enlistment of volunteers, will report to him.

II. Officers of regiments going out of service by reason of the expiration of their term may, which the consent of their respective Governors, re-enlist their regiments, within thirty days from the expiration of the original service, for a term of three years, unless sooner days aforesaid, the officers shall be restored to their rank as from the date of their original commissions. This, however, will give no claim to pay for the time between muster out and re-entry into service.

III. The law provides that a man who enlists for three years, unless sooner discharged, is entitled to one month's pay in advance upon the mustering of his company into the service of the United States, or after he shall have been mustered into and joined a regiment already in the service, and to a bounty of $100, $25 of which is to be paid in advance when his company is organized, muster-in rolls made out, and the mustering officer's certificate given thereto, or after he shall have been mustered into and joined a regiment already in ateh service.

IV. Hereafter regiments of volunteers leaving the field on account of expiration of term of service will be permitted, on the application of their officers, who shall undertake to hold themselves responsible for their safe delivery, to take their arms and accouterments to the place of discharge, to be delivered to the Governor of the State, or to officers appointed by him to receive them. The arms and accounter-