War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0171 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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convalescent camps, or are otherwise under the control of medical officers. In these cases the medical officer in attendance shall prepare the rolls according to form, entering the names of officers and men from the same regiment on a roll by themselves, and send them, with the certificate of the surgeon, duly signed, to the proper regimental commander, who will forward them, as heretofore specified, subject to the same conditions and requirements. If, in any case, the regimental commander shall think an officer unfit, in point of character, to continue inthe service of the Invalid Corps, though disabled and certified by the surgeon, he will state his objection in the column of remarks, and note the exception before signing the certificate. If any offer or enlisted man now in the service, but absent and beyond the reach of a medical officer in charge of a hospital or convalescent camp, desires to enter this corps, he will take the course indicated below for those who have been honorably discharged the service.

Third. By accepting those officers and enlisted or disease contracted in the lire-enter the service. In the case of an offer, application for appointment must be made to the Provost-Marshal-General of the United States through the officer detailed as acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State. No application of this kind will be considered unless the following conditions are completely fulfilled:

1. That the applicant produce the certificate of the surgeon of the Board of Enrollment for the district in which he resides, that he is unfit for active field duty on account of wounds or disease, and is not liable to draft, but is fit for garrison duty.

2. That he furnish evidence of Honorable discharge on account of wounds or disability contracted in the line of duty.

3. That he produce recommendations from the regimental, brigade, and division commanders under whom he formerly served that he is worthy of being thus provided for and capable of returning adequate service to the Government. In case it shall be impracticable to get this last evidence, he may, having established the first two points above, satisfy the Board of Enrollment that he is deserving, and present its certificate of the fact. This evidence must all be obtained by the applicant, and must be transmitted with his application for appointment.

If there he no acting assistant provost-marshal-general forte State, the application may be forwarded through the adjutant- general of the State, who is desired to indorse thereon such facts in the military history of the applicant as he may know, or as are afforded by his records, and forward the same to the Provost-Marshal-General of the United States. Enlisted men, honorably discharged on account of disability, desiring to re- enlist in this corps, will present themselves to the Board of Enrollment for the district in which they reside, for examination by the surgeon thereof, who shall examine them and report the result to the Board of Enrollment.

The Board shall then consider each case, and if the applicant is found to fulfil the conditions specified below the Boards shall give him a certificate to that effect, viz:

1. That he is unfit for service in the field.

2. That he is fit for garrison duty.

3. That he is meritorious and deserving.

4. That he was honorably discharged from the service.