War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0170 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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the enrollment in the first nine Congressional districts of New York. The Secretary of War has detailed Colonel Robert Nugent, of the Sixty-ninth Regiment of New York Volunteers, for this purpose. Colonel Nugent will repair to New York and take post within a few days. He will call upon you on his arrival, and I will thank you to give him such information as your records may contain, and to offer him such suggestions as your experience may prompt.

In relieving you from the onerous and responsible duties which you have been so long performing, the Secretary desires me to express his appreciation of the zeal and ability displayed by you in their execution, and to assure you of the confidence which your official intercourse with the War Department has inspired.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,





Washington, April 28, 1863.

The organization of an invalid copes is hereby authorized.

This corps shall consist of companies, and if it shall hereafter be thought best, of battalions.

The companies shall be made up from the following sources, viz:

First. By taking those officers and enlisted men of commands now in the field (whether actually present or temporarily absent) who, from would received in action or disease contracted in the line of duty, are unfit for field service, but are still capable of effective garrison duty, or such other light duty as may be required of an invalid corps. Regiment commanders shall at once make out, from information received from their medical and company officers, and from their own knowledge, rolls (according to the form furnished) of the names of all the officers and enlisted men under their commands who fulfill the following conditions, viz:

1. That they are unfit for active field service on account of wounds or disease contracted in the line of duty; this fact being certified by a medical officer in the service, after personal examination.

2. That they are fit for garrison duty; this fact being likewise certified by the medical officer, as above, after personal examination.

3. That they are, in the opinion of their commanding officers, meritorious and deserving.

These rolls shall be certified by the examining surgeon and regimental commander, and transmitted, through the regular channels of military correspondence, to the Provost-Marshal- General of the United States.

The regimental commander shall enter in the column of remarks, opposite each officer's name on the roll, a statement as to the general character of the officer for intelligence, industry, sobriety, and attention to duty; and all intermediate commanders shall indorse thereon such facts as they may possess in the case, or if they have none, they shall state how far they are willing to indorse the opinion of the officer or officers making the recommendation. Similar rolls shall be forwarded from time to time, whenever the number of men fulfilling the conditions enumerated or the exigencies of the service may render it expedient.

Second. By taking those officers and enlisted men still in service and borne on the rolls, but who are absent from duty, in hospitals or