War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0146 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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1031. Affidavits or depositions may be taken before any officer in the list, as follows, when recourse cannot be had to any before named on said list, which fact shall be certified by the officer offering the evidence; First, a civil magistrate competent to administer oaths; second, a judge-advocate; third, the recorder of a garrison or regimental court-martial; fourth, the adjutant of a regiment; fifth, a commissioned officer.

1033. No officer making returns of property shall drop from his return any public property as worn out or unserviceable until it has been condemned, after proper inspection, and ordered to be so drooped.

1053. It is the duty of every commanding officer to enforce a rigid economy in the public expenses.


Numbers 1.-Tri-monthly report of persons arrested.

Numbers 2.-Tri-monthly report of deserters arrested.

Numbers 3.-Monthly abstract of indebtedness.

Numbers 4.-Monthly report of persons and articles employed.

Numbers 5.-Monthly report of persons arrested.

Numbers 6.-Monthly returns of provost-marshals" parties and deserters.

Numbers 7.-Monthly return of public property.

Numbers 8.-Abstract of articles purchased.

Numbers 9.-Abstract of articles expended &c.

Numbers 10.-List of articles expended, lost, &c.

Numbers 11.-Traveling pay to drafted persons.

Numbers 12.-Transportation of deserters, &c.

Numbers 13.-Purchases.

Numbers 14.-Postage, &c.

Numbers 15.-Reimbursements of expenses paid.

Numbers 16.-Sub-voucher to claim for reimbursement.

Numbers 17.-Receipt roll of persons employed.

Numbers 18. General voucher.

Numbers 19.-Abstract of lodgings.

Numbers 20.-Contract for subsistence.

Numbers 21.-Voucher for purchase of rations.

Numbers 22.-Abstracts of rations issued.

Numbers 23.-Return of lodgings.

Numbers 24.-Return of rations.

Numbers 25.-Exemption for son of widow, or aged or infirm parents.

Numbers 26.-Exemption for one of two sons of aged or infirm parents.

Numbers 27.-Exemption for only brother of dependent child or children.

Numbers 28.-Exemption on account of two members of family being in military service.

Numbers 29.-Exemption for father of dependent motherless children.

Numbers 30.-Exemption for unsuitableness of age.

Numbers 31.-Certificate of non-liability to military duty.

Numbers 32.-Certificate of disability.

Numbers 33.-Certificate of discharge.

Numbers 34.-Descriptive roll of drafted men.

Numbers 35.-Enrollment list, Class I.

Numbers 36.-Consolidated enrollment list, Class I.

Numbers 37.-Enrollment list, Class II.

Numbers 38.-Consolidated enrollment list, Class II.

Numbers 39.-Notification to persons of their having been drafted.


*All forms omitted.