War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0142 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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105. Vouchers must in all cases be accompanied by the receipt of the party to whom payment is made, and by the certificate of an officer of the Army or provost-marshal, that the amount charged is accurate and just, and that it was necessary for the public service.

106. When a voucher is not supported by a certificate of an officer or provost-marshal it must be accompanied by the affidavit of the person incurring the expense, setting forth that it was actually and necessarily incurred in the public service.

107. The receipt to a voucher must be signed, when practicable, by a principal. When this is not practicable the provost-marshal will add to his own certifice a statement that the agent is duly authorized to sign the receipt.

108. When an individual makes "his mark," instead of siginig his name to the receipt, it must be witnessed by a third person.

109. If medical attendance be necessary, and there be no army surgeon available, the provost-marshal may engage the services of a physician, by contract, on reasonable terms, "by the visit" or by the month.

110. In vouches for medical attendance and medicines the name of each patenient, date of, and charge for each visit, and for medicines furnished must be given, and the certificate of the physician added that the rates charged are the usual rates of the place.

111. To each voucher for notices inserted in newspapers or posters a copy of the notice or poster will be appended.

112. Vouchers to accounts which are to be paid by a disbursing officer of the Quartermaster's or the Subsistence Department must be made out in quadruplicate-three for the use of the departments, the other for the Provost-Marshal-General.

113. Vouchers to accounts which are to be paid by the Provost- Marshal-General's Department will be made out in duplicate.

114. Expeditures must be confined to items stated in these regulations. In an unforeseen emergency, requiring a deviation form this rule, a full explanation must be appended to the voucher for the expenditure; and if this be not satisfactory the account will be charged again the provost-marshal.

115. Among expenses proper to be incurred for the provost- marshal's department may be enumerated-

(1) Rent of office for district provost-marshals.

(2) Purchase of necessary fuel for office of district provost- marshals.

(3) Subsistence of drafted men while at rendezvous; not to exceed 30 cents per diem, in case subsistence cannot be furnished by Subsistence Department.

(4) Necessary transportation of drafted men to rendezvous, and to their homes in case of discharge, at the rate of (not to exceed) 2 cents per mile for railroad travel, and at the current rates for stage and steam-boat fare.

(5) Knives, forks, spoons, tin cups, and tin plates for drafted men.

(6) Necessary medicines and medical attendance, as provided for in the Regulations.

(7) Actual necessary experiences incurred in arrest of spies, deserters, &c., by authorized agents of provost-marshals.

(8) Advertising in (not to exceed two) newspapers, in the city or district, the necessary notices, &c., concerning the draft.

(9) Such other necessary expenses, not herein provided for, as may be deemed necessary to the efficient execution of the duties of provost-marshal, subject to the decision of the Provost- Marshal-General.