War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0139 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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(48) Permanent retraction of the last phalanx of one of the toes, so that the free border of the nail bears upon the ground; or flexion at a right angle of the first phalanx of a toe upon a second, with anchylosis of this articulation.

(49) Club feet; splay feet, where the arch is so far effaced that the tuberosity of the scaphoid bone touches the ground and the line of station runs along the whole internal border of the foot, with great prominence of the inner ankle; but ordinary large, ill-shapped, or flat feet do not exempt.

(50) Varicose veins of interior extremities, if large and numerous, having clusters of knots and accompanied with chronic swellings or ulcerations.

(51) Chronic ulcers; extensive, deep, and adherent cicatrices of lower extremities.

86. No certificate of a physician or surgeon is to be received in support of any point in the claim of drafted men for exemption from military service unless the facts and statements therein set forth are affirmed or sworn to before a civil magistrate competent to administer oaths.

87. The exempts under the first provision of section 2 of the act of enrolling and calling out the national forces, &c., will generally be sufficiently well known to the Board to obviate the necessity of evidence with regard to them. Should, however, the Board consider it necessary in any case, the commission or certificate of office of any person claiming exemption under the provision mentioned may be required to be shown.

88. To establish exempting under the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth provisions of section 2 of the act for enrolling and calling out the national forces, &c., the Board shall require the affidavits of the person seeking to be exempt and of two respectable men (heads of families) residing in the district, that the man in question is "the only son liable to military duty of a widow dependent on his labor for support." "the only son of aged or infirm parent or parents dependent on his labor for support," or otherwise, according to the particular provision of the section under which the exemption is claimed. These affidavits will be made according to the forms hereinafter prescribed, and must in all cases be taken before a civil magistrate duly authorized to administer oaths. These forms of affidavits shall be published by the Board of Enrollment in the newspapers of the district, for the information of the public, when a draft is ordered.

89. When a claim for exemption is made under the seventh provision of section 2 of tling and calling out tes, &c., the Board shall apply to the Provost-Marshal General for the necessary extracts from the official rolls in the Department, upon which it shall decide the case.

90. Persons claiming exemption from enrollment must furnish clear proof of their right to such exemption. They will be enrolled where the proof of their exemption is not clear and conclusive.


91. The duty of inspecting men, and of determining whether they are fit or unfit or unfit for the military service of the country, requires the utmost impartially, skill, and circumspection on the part of the examining surgeon and Board of Enrolment; for upon the manner in which this