War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0134 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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comprise all persons subject to do military duty between the ages of twenty and thirty-five yards, and all unmarried persons subject to do military duty above the age of thirty-five and under the age of forty-five; the second class shall comprise all other persons subject to do military duty; and they shall not, in any district, be called into the service of the United States until those of the first class shall have been called.

64. The enrollment of each class shall be made separately, on sheets by itself (Forms 35 and 36), but the enrollment of both classes shall be carried on at the same time.

65. Persons having their legal domicile within any district are not exempt form enrollment therein by reason of temporary absence therefrom. Students in colleges or schools, teachers, apprentices, sailors, travelers, traveling merchants, and similar classes of citizens must be enrolled in the districts in which they have their respective domiciles.

66. The Board shall require the enrolling officers to judge of the ages of individuals by the best information they can obtain in each case, but always to make a decision as to whether the person in question is subject to enrollment, and if so, which class, and to enroll him accordingly. The Board will decide questions of exemption on account of age, when brought before it, under the law, by the persons enrolled.

67. In city districts the Board shall require the enrolling offices to submit their lists, as far as completed, daily or every other day; and if the district is composed of a county the lists shall be required twice a week, or weekly, if the Board deem it best. As soon as these partial lists are received by the Board, they must be entered on the copy for the Provost-Marshal- General, alphabetically arranged.

68. As soon as the enrollment is competed in each district, the consolidated list for the Provost-Marshal-General, with the names alphabetically arranged, must be competed and forwarded direct to him with the least possible delay.,

69. The Board shall preserve the rolls of the enrollment subdistricts; and on the consolidated lists for the Provost- Marshal-General a recapitulation shall be made in figures (according to form), showing the number of men, whether white or colored, of each class enrolled in each ward or township, and the total number of each class enrolled in the district.

70. Where complete enrollments have been lately made by State authority copies thereof will be obtained, if practicable, and used in making or verifying the new enrollments.

71. Whenever any part of the national forces in a district is to be called out, the number of men to come from each district will be announced to the Board, through the Provost-Marshal-General, with specific instructions as to the subdivisions to be considered for the district with a view to making the apportionment.

72. The Board shall make the apportionment according t the subdistricts to be considered, and shall hen make the draft for each sub-district of the number of men required, and 50 per cent. in addition.

73. The Board shall make an exact and complete roll of the names of the persons drafter, and of the order in which they were drawn, so that the first drawn may stand first on the said roll, and the second may stand second, and so on. The draft shall take place at the headquarters of the district. It shall be public and under the direction of the Board of Enrollment. The name of each person enrolled shall be places in a box to be provided for the purpose, and the provost-