War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0131 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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ing a substitute or paying the requisite sum thereof, shall be deemed a deserter, and shall be arrested by the provost-marshal and sent to the nearest military post for trial by court-marital, unless upon proper showing that he is not liable to do military duty, the Board of Enrollment shall relieve him from draft. In case of such arrests the provost-marshal shall send with each deserter to the military post written charges against him.

37. Provost-marshals, while enjoined to a strict and inflexible performance of duty, are warned against improper arrests. It may happen that discharged soldiers may be imposed upon and deprived of their papers,a nd then delivered for reward to the provost- marshal as deserters. Sagacity and prompt and close scrutiny of every case on the part of provost-marshals must be exercised to prevent abuse or hardship of this nature.


38. It is the duty of provost-marshals "to detect, seize, and confine spies of the enemy, who shall, without unreasonable delay, be delivered to the custody of the general commanding the department in which they made arrested."

39. Spies when arrested must be securely guarded and conducted to the custody of the general commanding the department by military or special guards in a manner similar to that heretofore provided for deserters.

40. The accounts for all expenses in regard to the arrest, confinement, transportation, and subsistence of spies will be similar to those prescribed for deserters. The fact of their being rendered in relation to a spy, and not to a deserter, must be stated.


41. Written agreements will be made by provost-marshals for the rent of "rests," upon the most reasonable terms possible, subject to approval, and two copies of this contract forwarded immediately to the Provost-Marshal-General. The rent will be paid as here in after directed for other accounts.

42. Where district headquarters are in cities, or elsewhere, within reach of any of the regular posts, encampments, 'soldiers" rests," or other places of accommodation provided by the Government or by the public for soldiers, the provost-marshal shall make it his duty to avail himself of them in providing for deserters, stragglers, &c.; and when moving deserters or other men under his control from one point to another he shall seek and avail himself of these places od accommodation. If there be no such places of accommodation within convenient reach of district headquarters the provost-marshal shall at once establish a "rest," by written agreement with some responsible party, to provide cooked rations, on demand, for as many soldiers as he may from time to time present, and at a rate not to exceed 30 cents a day for each person actually subsisted.

43. After deserters are received by the provost-marshal they and the guards in charge of them must be subsisted at the "rest" or station as heretofore provided.

44. When subsistence cannot be issued by the commissariat to the provost-marshal's parties, it will be procured by the provost- marshal on written contracts when practicable, for complete rations. If the ration cannot be procured thus, then a contract will be made for