War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0130 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.


28. Every possible effort must be made by the provost-marshal to secure the arrest of all deserter within his district; he shall see that they are properly held after arrest, and that all deserters arrested by other parties and presented to him, or at his headquarters, are promptly received and held in secure custody until delivered at the nearest military station.

29. The five dollars reward authorized by law for the delivery of a deserter is, of course, only due in case the man presented is actually a deserter. It is, however, ordered that the provost- marshal shall decide whether the reward shall be paid or withheld; and he is directed to permit as little delay as possible in making this excision, in order that persons who bring deserters may received the reward surely and promptly.

30. Provost-marshals or deputy provost-marshals are not entitled to receive the reward for the apprehension of deserters.

31. Provost-marshals shall keep books in which they shall enter the description of all deserters and other persons received as prisoners by them, with such dates and remarks as may be proper to complete, as far as practicable, the history of the arrest and of the man. They shall also keep such other books as may be necessary to preserve a complete history of their correspondence and business.

32. Where there is a military station in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters of the district, the provost-marshal will send the deserters to it on the day of, or day following their arrest by, or delivery to, him. Where, however, the district headquarters are remote from all military stations, the deserters will be sent tri-monthly, or after end if there be more than five on hand at any intermediate period.

33. When it is necessary to conduct and guard deserters from district headquarters to a military station, and there be no military force available of this service, the provost-marshal amy employ a suitable special guard, under a deputy, to accompany the prisoners. The members of the guard may be allowed, for the time actually and necessarily employed in the trip, a per diem of not more than $1, besides their actual expenses, provided they accomplish the duty assigned them.

34. The provost-marshal shall see that the guards sent form his district to the military station in charge of deserters are armed and instructed to prevent the escape of those in their custody.l

35. The district provost-marshal shall see that descriptive lists in duplicate are made of every deserter or party of deserters sent off by him. These lists will be taken by the provost-marshal or deputy in charge of the deserters by name on the back of it. this copy of the descriptive list will accompany the provost- marshal's monthly report to the Provost-Marshal-General of persons arrested. The expense incurred in the apprehension of deserters and the five dollars plaids as reward, if this sum has been justly claimed an da voucher given by the provost-marshal for it, will be stated opposite each man's name on the descriptive lists. None of the expenses, however, incurred on the deserter's account after he has been received by the provost- marshal shall be charged against him.

36. By section 13 of the enrollment act any person failing to report after due service of notice, as prescribed in the act, without furnish-