War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0125 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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I wrote. I have the facts from so many and diverging sources tending to prove precisely the same facts that I cannot longer doubt their accuracy.

There is an order called the 'Sons of 76," of which Sterling Price is chief. The principal oaths are to resist the so-alled Union party, to support the Constitution of the United States, to prevent enlistment, &c., to prevent the arrest of a brother member, to rise and take the field at a given signal, to buy all the arms and ammunition possible, and especially to secure them from Union men. I am satisfied that I know their oaths, passwords, grips, &c., and that they intend mischief in a very few weeks. They are bold and defiant and declare that deserters shall not be arrested. There are three parties in this county who deserted form one of our regiments, who, when in town on their way to return, were advised by a lawyer to go back to their farms and go to work.

You may rely upon it that this is not an ordinary or an extraordinary political secret organization. It means mischief. it is organized for insurrection and nothing else. I have felt it to be my duty to call your attention to the subject, and subscribe myself,

Very truly, your obedient servant,


CINCINNATI, OHIO, April 20, 1863-12.30 p. m. (Received 1.40 p. m.)

Major General H. W. HALLECK,


Have any orders been issued as to raising the 20,000 troops in kentucky? If so, can the work be commenced at once?



WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, April 21, 1863.

The following regulations for the government of the Bureau of the Provost-Marshal-General of the United States having been approved by the President of the United States, he commands that they be published for the government of all concerned, and that they be strictly observed.


Secretary of War.

Regulations for the government of the Bureau of the Provost-Marshal-General of the United States.*


1. The officer detailed in each State to aid the War Department in securing uniformity in the execution of the enrollment act shall keep himself well informed as to the condition of the department throughout the State. He shall, under the Provost- Marshal-General of the


*See General Orders, Numbers 73, Adjutant-General's Office, March 24, 1863 (p. 88), for act of Congress, entitled "An act for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for other purposes," published with these regulations, but here omitted.