War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0105 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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of War. To effect the enrollment promptly and correctly, it is recommended that each ward in a city and each township (or certainly each county) form an enrolling sub-district. No rate of pay is fixed by law for the enrolling officers of sub-districts; it is recommended that they are allowed for the time actually employed a per diem not to exceed $4.

Section 13 provides that any drafted person may be discharge on payment of a sum to be fixed by the Secretary of War not to exceed $300. It is recommended that $300 be the sum fixee. The person to whom this money is to be paid must be named by the Secretary of War. The law, however, requires that this sum shall be fixed at a uniform rate by a general order made at the time of ordering a draft for any State or Territory; it cannot, therefore, be announced now.

The blank forms necessary in carrying out the enrollment act should be printed at once. There will be a great many required, and it will take the Public Printer too long to do the work. it is therefore recommended that they be printed elsewhere, under the direction of the Provost-Marshal-General. it is suggested that the Quartermaster-General be instructed to order the disbursing officers of his department to pay promptly the accounts for the apprehension of deserters, when presented in form and certified to by provost-marshals. Many men, particularly in large cities, wild evoke themselves to the arrest of deserters if the reward is prompt and certain. By section 32, commanders in the field are authorized to grant furloughs to five per centrum of their men at a time. A general order should be published cautioning soldiers to preserve carefully about their persons the evidence that they are absent by authority, or they will be liable to arrest as deserters.

It is important that the War Department should have some control over the adjutant-general of the different States. it is therefore recommenced that the adjutant-general of each State be appointed either provost-marshal or a member of the board for the district containing the State capital.

A partial code of rules for the government of provost-marshals and boards of enrollments has been drawn up and will be ready to submit to the Secretary as soon as his action is known on the point herein presented.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Approved by the Secretary of War, March 28, 1863, with the exception of the paragraph in regard to printing the blanks by private contract.


WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington City, March 28, 1863.



Ordered, That Brigadier General Andrew Johnson, Military Governor of Tennessee, be, and he is hereby, authorized to raise troops for the