War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0101 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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of brigades, regiments, and companies of colored troops. you are authorized in this connection to issue in the name of this Department letters of appointment for field and company officers,a nd to organize such troops for military service to the utmost extent to which they can be obtained in accordance with the rules and regulations of the service. You will see, moreover, and expressly enjoin upon the various staff departments of the service, hat such troops are to be provided with supplies upon the requisition of the proper officers, and in the same manner as other troops in the service.

Fifth. You will communicate as frequently as possible by mail and telegraph with this Department in detail (in cipher when necessary) the existing state of things that you may find at the time of your arrival there, with such information as you may deem proper to be communicated by such channels, having due regard to the paramount necessity of avoiding premature disclosure of military operations to which such communications are incident.

Sixth. This Department has been informed that the practice has prevailed to a considerable extent of using transports for the quarters of diers, so that the transport service is at this moment reported to be seriously embarrassed and crippled form this cause. You will immediately take measures to have this abuse at once corrected. You will require immediately every transport to be relieved from any such incumbrance, and devoted exclusively in future to the transport service. You will report to this Department any cases of delinquency which in your judgment require the action of the Department.

Seventh. Any information you may obtain in respect to the dealing or traffic by officers of the service, or under their authority, in cotton or other articles of commerce or merchandise, you will report to the Department, and also to the Court of Inquiry at Saint Louis, of which General McDowell is president, and also in reference to ransports either by railroads, boats, or wagons, or otherwise, belonging to the Government, for private purposes, and also cause such orders to be given by the commanding general as shall put an end to such abuse.

Eighth. Besides the points enumerated, you are authorized to direct your investigation to any other subjects material to the service.

Ninth. Any power not embraced in the foregoing points you will apply for to the Department, in order to enable you in the fullest manner to perform the important duty now instructed to you.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington City, D. C., March 25, 1863.


It is the desire of the Department that a large military force form the colored population of Louisiana should be raised immediately, and General Ulmann has been instructed with authority for that purpose and directed to report to you. You will afford him every facility the circumstances will admit for that purpose, the forces raised by him to be under your command. Volunteers are to be allowed to come in from the plantations and from whatever source who may be