War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0084 SPONDENCE, ETC.

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especially notice their demeanor and conduct, and if it be seditious and dangerous that they furnish the U. S. district attorney or the U. S. marshal, or either of the Congressional district provost-marshals to be appointed, or myself, with their names and affidatives showing their criminality before coming to this State and their conduct since, to the end that our State may be relieved of the danger of their presence.


[Inclosure Numbers 2.] CORYDON, IOWA, March 13, 1863.

Honorable S. J. KIRKWOOD,

Governor, &c.:

DEAR SIR: My official duties having taken me through Warren,

Lucas, and Corydon, I am led to communicate such information as may be useful to you and the State. I conversed with all the prominent Union men and the impression is universal that the secessionists are actively preparing and organizing resistance to the Government. In these counties they are holding secret meetings, becoming more defiant and bold in their denunciations of the North, and in some localities actually cowing the Union men.

The universal desire os for the proclamation of martial law over the whole State, the removal by the Provost-Marshal-General of every disloyal sheriff, judge, and public officer, and the disarming of all known sympathizers. Unless these measures are adopted, it is my belief, founded upon what I have ascertained in the last two weeks, that Southern Iowa soon will be in as bad condition as ever Missouri was.

A large number of and men, driven out of Missouri by the Unionists, have taken refuge in the border and second tier of counties, and are most active in creating discontent. It is a shame that the Government should permit these men to come into the State. They are doing great mischief; are the leaders and organizers of most of the secret meetings.

They should at once be arrested and made to go south into Missouri. They can do us infinitely less mischief in the rebel army than here.

My information comes in this county from Mr. Thomas, Mr. Hartshorn, and Captain Ested - all true, faithful men.

Very respectfully,


Collector, &c.



Washington, March 24, 1863.

Commanders of regiments, battalions not included in regiments, independent companies or batteries, and detachments, surgeons in charge of hospitals or detachments, and all persons in the military service commanding or controlling commissioned officers or enlisted men on special or detached service, will report upon the last day of each month to Colonel James B. Fry, Provost- Marshal-General of the United States, At Washington, D. C., the names of all deserters from their respective commands who have deserted since their last report, or who have not previously been reported. These reports will be made in the form of descriptive lists, setting forth, in case of each deserters, his name, rank, regiment or company, description, place of