War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0062 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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At Saint Louis (Benton Barracks), Mo., to Colonel B. L. E. Bonneville, U. S. Army.

At Columbus (Camp Chase), Ohio, to Lieutenant Colonel H. Brooks, U. S. Army.

At Indianapolis, Ind., to Lieutenant Colonel J. V. Bomford, U. S. Army.

At Springfield, Ill., to Colonel P. Morrison, U. S. Army.

At Chicago, Ill., to Captain C. C. Pomeroy, U. S. Army.

At Detroit, Mich., to Lieutenant Colonel J. R. Smith, U. S. Army.

At Madison, Wis., to Major H. Stansbury, U. S. Army.

At Fort Snelling, Min., to Captain T. M. Saunders, U. S. Army.

At Davenport, Iowa, to Captain H. B. Hendershott, U. S. Army.

At Fort Leavenworth, Kans., to the commanding officer.

At San Francisco, Cal., to Brigadier General George Wright, U. S. Volunteers.

At Fort Randall, Dak. Ter., to the commanding officer.

At Omaha, Nebr. Ter., to Lieutenant J. A. Wilcox, U. S. Army.

At Denver City, Colo. Ter., to Captain J. W. Alley, U. S. Army.

At Santa Fe, N. Mex. Ter., to te commanding officer.

At Fort Vancouver, Wash. Ter., to the commanding officer.

At Salt Lake City, Utah Ter., to the commanding officer.

III. Commanding officers at the above-named places of rendezvous, or, in the absence of commanding officers, superintendents of recruiting service, recruiting officers, and mustering and dicbursing officers, will take charge of all soldiers presenting themselves as above directed and cause their names to be enrolled, and copy of said roll will, on or before the 10th day of April, be sent to the Adjutant-General of the Army.

The soldiers so reporting themselves will be sent without delay to their several regiments, a list of those sent baaing furnished to the commanding officer of the regiment, and a duplicate to the Adjutant-General Of the Army. The commanding officer of the regiment will immediately report to the Adjutant-General of the Army the receipt of any soldiers so sent to him.

By order of the Secretary of War:




Iowa City, Iowa, March 10, 1863.


Secretary of War, Washington City, D. C.:

Sir: The condition of affairs in this State is such as to render it, in my judgment, absolutely necessary that I have arms and fixed ammunition for distribution among the loyal men of this State. It is a fact that unscrupulous men are organizing and arming for the purpose of resisting a draft under the conscription law, and those under their control will be pushed into acts of hostility to the Government unless there is such a state of preparation as to make it hopeless. I think such preparation as I indicate would have the effect to prevent an outbreak. Can you send me 5,000 stand of arms, accouterments, and ammunition?

Very respectfully,