War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0056 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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and muster-rolls as may be required by those serving in the division. He will also provide himself with blanks, by application to the commissary of musters of his corps or department. One enlisted man will be detailed by the division commander as clerk in his office. Commissaries of musters and their assistants will be furnished with such stationery as they may require by the Quartermaster's Department, upon their requisitions approved by the corps, department, or division commander, as the case may be.

So soon as the commissaries and assistants are detailed as herein directed, their names will be reported to the Adjutant-General of the Army.

III. Each assistant commissary of musters will make a daily report to the commissary of musters for his corps or department of all the musters made by him since his last report, forwarding with this report three copies of the muster-in and four of the muster-out rolls, in every case, as vouchers to his report.

These rolls and reports will be corrected and consolidation by the commissary of muster, who will also add his own report of such musters as he may have made himself, and forward it, with one copy of the musters-in and muster-out rolls, in each case, direct to the Adjutant-General, Washington, D. C. The commissary of musters will dispose of the other copies of the rolls as prescribed in the pamphlet of instructions to mustering officers.

IV. Commanders of corps or department will see that each regiment, independent company, &c., is assigned to some one of the assistant commissaries of musters under their command. The commissaries of musters will be responsible to the Adjutant- General of the Army for the correctness of the musters and muster-rolls in their corps, and no officer shall be mustered in, or out, except by a commissary or assistant commissary of musters to whom the command to which he belongs has been assigned.

V. No officer or enlisted man of volunteers is properly in the service of the United States, or authorized to receive pay, until mustered in by the proper officer; and no officer is properly out of service until discharge in orders, or mustered out by the proper officer. One copy of the rolls or order in each case must be forwarded to this office.

VI. Commissaries and assistant commissaries of musters, having been once detailed, will not be relieved from this duty, or transferred to another division, department, or corps without authority from the Adjutant-General's Office.

VII. Departments, commanders of corps and divisions, will exercise such supervision over the musters as they may think necessary for a prompt and efficient performance of this service.

VII. The following rules will be observed in all musters in or out:

1. An officer must present his commission, or appointment, from the Governor of the State to which the regiment or organization into which he desires to be mustered belongs.

2. The mustering officer must ascertain from the records of the regiment or organization such as muster-rolls, monthly returns, and morning reports - that a vacancy exists.

3. If an officer has been commissioned, as above, and a vacancy exists, and he is physically fitted for duty, he may be mustered into the service of the United States, from the date on which the muster-in actually taken places.

4. No muster-in shall be dated back without authority from the Adjutant-General, except upon proof that it could not have been made at an earlier date, which proof shall consist of the affidavit of