War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0051 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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pounds as issued to these works. The table (page 265) therefore applies as follows:

Twenty-four pounder gun on siege or barbette carriage.

Cartrid- Ball. Eleva- Range. Remarks.

ge. tion.

Pounds. deg. " Yards.

6.... Shot.. 0 0 412 That is, the bore (not

line of sight) being

level, a range of 400


6..... ..do.. 1 0 842 1 degree elevation,

range about 850 yards.

6..... ..do.. 1 30 953 1 1/2 degrees elevation,

range about 950 yards.

6..... ..do.. 2 0 1,147 2 degrees elevation,

range about 1,150 yards.

6...... ..do.. 3 0 1,417 3 degrees elevation,

range about 1,400 yards.

6..... ..do.. 4 0 1,666 4 degrees elevation,

range about 1,660 yards.

6...... ..do.. 5 0 1,901 5 degrees elevation,

range about 1,900 yards,

the extreme range of 24-

pounder round-shot.

Thus, if the enemy appears at a point 1,000 yards distant, look at the table - 950 yards requires 1 deg. 30" elevation; 1,150 yards requires 2 deg.; therefore, elevate a very little, say 5" to 10" over 1 deg. 30", or simply give 1 deg. 30" full.

In the same way, for each 8-inch sea-coast howitzer, make out a table from page 269, noting, however, that only 6 and 8 pounder cartridges being now issued for them, and of late only 8-pound cartridges, it must first be ascertained what the cartridges in your magazine weigh, and them make out the table accordingly.

4. These tables will be promptly prepared under the direction of the commanding officer,m and copies furnished for each gun and used habitually in the drills. They will be examined and verified by the chief of artillery.

5. The attention of all officers in charge of artillery in the works is directed to the articles in the Tactics on "Pointing guns and howitzers," pages 85 to 88.

6. Commanding officers of the works will keep themselves accurately informed of the amount and kinds of ammunition in the magazines. The supply should be kept up to 100 rounds per gun. When it is less than that amount a special report will be made of the fact to the chief of artillery, with requisitions for the amount necessary to complete the supplies. They will also see that the necessary equipments are always on hand for the service if all the guns, as follows:

For 24 or 32 pounder guns, the articles named on pages 47 and 48, article 97.

For 8-inch sea-coast howitzers, the articles named on page 58, article 117; and for other guns, according to the tables as prescribed in the Tactics.

NOTE.- Two lanyards and at least 150 friction-primers for each gun to be kept on hand; one lanyard and a very few primers to be kept in the tube pouch, the other in the magazine.

One globe or dark lantern for every three guns. Two globe lanterns for watch magazine.

By command of Major-General Halleck:


Assistant Adjutant-General.