War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0969 ALTERNATE DESIGNATIONS, ETC.

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Spear's (E. Jr.) Art., 15th Ohio Batty.

Spoerry's (J. R.) Inf., 2nd Wis.

Standart's (W. E.) Art., 1st Ohio Batty. B.

Stanley's (T. R.) Inf., 18th Ohio.

Staples" (H. G.) Inf., 3rd Me.

Staples" (J.) Art. See Coast Guard.

Starkwesther's (J. C.) Inf., 2st Wis.

Star's (W. C.) Inf., 10th W. Va.

Steedman's (J. B.) Inf., 14th Ohio.

Steedman's (S. H.) Inf., 68th Ohio.

Stevenson's (J. D.) Inf., 7th Mo.

Stevenson's (T. G.) Inf., 24th Mass.

Stewart's (R. M.) Cav., Missouri.

Stifel's (C. G.) Inf., 5th Mo., R. C.

Stockton's (T. B. W.) Inf., 16th Mich.

Stone's (D. C.) Art., Kentuclky, Batty. A.

Strickland's (L.) Inf., 8th Me.

Stuart's (C. B.) Engrs., 50th N. Y.

Stuart's (C. E.) Inf., 13th Mich.

Sullivan's (P. J.) Inf., 48th Ohio.

Swett's (J. G.) Art., 3rd Me. Batty.

Taggart's (J. H.0 Inf., 12th Pa. Res.

Tappan's (M. W.) Inf., 1st N. H.

Taylor's (A. W.) Inf., 4th N. Y.

Taylor's (G. W.) Inf., 3rd N. J.

Taylor's (W. H. H.) Cav., 5th Ohio.

Terrell's (W. H. H.,) Inf., 2nd Ky.

Terry's (A. H.) Inf., 2nd Conn.

Thoburn's (J.) Inf., 1st W. Va.

Thompson's (E. W.) Art., 1st Me. Batty.

Thompson's (J.) Art., Pennsylvania, Batty. C.

Tidball's (W. L.) Inf., 59th N. Y.

Tillman's (J. W.) Cav. See Lancers, U. S.

Tillson's (D.) Art., 2nd Me. Batty.

Tindall's (J. T.) Inf., 23rd Mo.

Todd's (G. H.) Art., 1st R. I.

Torber"t (A. T. A.) Inf., 1st N. J.

Townsend's (F.) Inf., N. Y.

Trimble's (W. H.) Inf. 60th Ohio.

Tryler's (D.) Inf., 1st Conn.

Tyler's (E. B.) Inf., 7th Ohio.

Union Coast Guard, Inf., 99th N. Y.

Upton's (E.) Inf., 25th Mass.

Vallee's (J. F.) Art.,, 4th Wis Batty.

Van Cleve's (H. P.) Inf., 2nd Minn.

Van Derveer's (F.) Inf., 35th Ohio.

Vander's (W.) Inf., 9th Iowa.

Vandor's (J.) Inf., 7th Wis.

Van Wyck's (C. H.) Inf., 56th N. Y.

Vermont, 1st Company S. S., 1st U. S. Vols.

Vermont, 2nd and 3rd Companies S. S., 2nd U. S. Vols.

Voerster's (J. D.) Pioneers, Missouri.

Volk's (C. H.) Art. See Elk Art., Numbers 1.

Vorsburg's (A. S.) Inf., 71st N. Y.(3. months).

Walker's (M. N.) Inf., 31st Ohio.

Wallace's (J.) Home Guards, 1st Md., E. S./

Wallace's (L.) Inf., 11th Ind.

Walrath's (E. L.) Inf., 12th N. Y.

Ward's (J. H. H.) Inf., 38th N. Y.

Waring's (G. E., jr.) Cav., 4th Mo.

Warner's (W. A.) Inf., 18th Ky.

Warren Fusileers, Inf., New York.

Warren's (F. H.) Cav., 1st Iowa.

Washburn's (C. C.) Cav., 2nd Wis.

Washington Art., Pennsylvania.

Washington Guards, Pennsylvania.

Webb's (W. A.) Inf., 42nd Ill.

Wreber's (M.) Inf., 20th N. Y.

Wester's (F.) Inf., 12th Mass.

Wentworth's (M. F.) Art. See Kittery Art.

West Point Art., U. S. Reg.

Wetmore's (H. S.) Art., 9th Ohio Batty.

Wharton's (H. W.) Inf., 2nd Del;.

Wheaton's (F.) Inf., 2nd R. I.

Wheeler's (J. C.) Inf., 9th W. Va.

Whitaker's (W. C.) Inf., 6th Ky.

White's (C. B.) Inf., 12th Ohio.

White's (J.) Inf., 37th Ill.

White's (R.) Inf., 55th Pa.

Whittlessey's (C.) Inf., 20th Ohio.

Wilkinson's (N.) Inf., 6th W. Va.

Willcox's (O. B.) Inf., 1st Mich (3 months).

Willett's (A. M.) Inf., 1st U. S. Vols. (S. S.).

Williams" (D. D.) Inf., 64th Ill.

Williams" (J. S.) Inf. See Defensers of Washington.

Williams" (R.) Cav., 1at Mass.

Wilson's (H.) Inf., 22nd Mass.

Wilson's (J. A.) Art. See Washington Art.

Wilson's (W.) Inf., 6th N. Y.

Wolford's (F.) Cav., 1st Ky.

Wood's (D. E.) Inf., 14th Wis.

Woods" (C. R.) Inf., 76th Ohio.

Worcester Country Inf., 25th Mass.

Worthington's (T.) Inf., 46th Ohio.

Worthington's (W. H.) Inf., 5th Iowa.

Wright's (C. J.) Inf., 13th Mo.

Wright's (J.) Inf., 5th R. I.

Wyman's (P. T.) Inf., 16th Mass.

Wynkoop's (G. C.) cav., 7th Pa.

Yatres Phalanx, Inf., 39th Ill.

Young's (H. W.) Kentucky Cav., 3rd Pa.

Zahm's (L.) Cav., 3rd Ohio.

Zeigler's (J. L.) Inf., 5th W. Va.

Ziegle's (T. A.) Inf., 107th Pa.

Zook's (S. K.) Inf., 57th N. Y.