War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0966 ALTERNATE DESIGNATIONS, ETC.

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Campbell's (L. D.) Inf., 69th Ohio.

Candy's (C.) Inf., 66th Ohio.

Cantwell's (J.) Inf., 82nd Ohio.

Carlin's (T. J.) Art., 2nd Ohio Batty.

Carondelet Home Guards, Missouri.

Carpenter's (S. J.) Art., 8th Wis. Batty.

Carr;'s (J. B.) Inf., 2s N. Y.

Carroll's (S. S.) Inf., 8th Ohio.

Chantry's (A. W.) Inf., 66th Pa.

Chapin's (A. R.) Inf., 10th Wis.

Christian's (W. H.) Inf., 26th N. Y.

Clark's (J. S.) Inf., 19th N. Y.

Clayton's (P.) Cav., 5th Kans.

Cloud's (W. F.) Inf., 3rd Kans.

Coast Guard, Art., Maine.

Cobb's (A.) Inf., 5th Wis.

Cochrane's (J.) Inf., 65th N. Y.

Cockerill's (D. T.) Art., 1st Ohio, Batty. F.

Cockerill's (J. R.) Inf., 70th Ohio.

Cone's (S. W.) Inf., 61., N. Y.

Conger's (E. J.) Cav., 3rd W. Va.

Connecticul Cav., 1st Squadron, 2nd N. Y.

Connell's (J. M.) Inf., 17th Ohio.

Converse's (N.) Inf., 6th N. H.

Cook's (A.) Inf. See De Soto Home Guards.

Cook's (A. M.) Art., Massachusetts (Mil.)

Cooke's P. St. G.) Cav., 2nd U. S. Reg.

Corkoran's (M.) Inf., 69th N. Y. (3 months.)

Cotter's (C. S.) Art., 1st Ohio Batty. A.

Coulter's (R.) Inf., 11th Pa.

Craig's (W.) Inf., 63rd Ohio.

Cranor's (J.) Inf., 63rd Ohio.

Crritenden's (T. T.) Inf., 6th Ind.

Crook's (G.) Inf., 36th Ind.

Crooks" (S. J.) Cav., 8th N. Y.

Cutier's (L.) Inf., 6th Wis.

Daniels" (E.) Cav., 1st Wis.

Dare's (C. P.) Inf., 23rd Pa. (3 months.)

Daum's (P.) Art., West Virginioa, Batty. A.

Davies" (T. A.) Inf., 16th N. Y.

Davis" (A. C.) Cav., 9th Kans.

Davis" (W. W. H.) Inf., 10th Pa.

De Beck's (W. L.) Art., 1st Ohio. Batty. K.

De Courcy's (J. F.) Inf., 16th Ohio.

Defenders of Washington, District of Columbia.

De Forest's (O.) Cav., 5th N. Y.

Deitzler's (G. W.) Inf., 1st Kans.

Deming's (H. C.) Inf., 12th Conn.

D"Epineuil's (L. J.) Inef., 53rd N. Y.

De Soto Home Guards, Missouri.

De Trobriand's (P. R.) Inf., 55th N. Y.

Deutsch's (G.) Cav. See Benton Hussard.

De Williers" (C. A.), Inf., 11th Ohio.

Dickel's (C. F.) Cav., 4th N. Y.

Dicket's (M. R.) Inf., Inf., 15th Ohio.

Dickey's (T. L.) Cav., 4th Ill.

Dietrich's (J.) Inf., Missouri.

Dillon's (H.) Art., 6th Wis. Batty.

Dodge's (G. M.) Inf., 4th Iowa.

Dodge's (J. C., jr.) Inf., 52nd Pa.

Doran's (J. L.) Inf., 17th Wis.

Doubleday's (C.) Cav., 2nd Ohio.

Down's (N.) Inf., 13th Me.

Drury's (L. H.) Art., 3rd Wis. Batty.

Dudley's (E. L.) Inf., 21st Ky.

Dumont's (E.) Inf., 7th Ind.

Dunning's (S. H.) Inf., 5th Ohio.

Duryea's (A.) Inf., 5th N. Y.

D"Utassy's (F. G.) Inf., 39th N. Y.

Dygert's (K. S.) Inf. See FBrady's Sharpshooters.

Eads" (J. D.) Inf., 27th Mo.

Eagle Art., Maryland (Mil.).

Eastern Bay State Inf., 30th Mass

Eckly's (E. R.) Inf., 80th Ohio.

Einstein's (M.) Inf., 27th Pa.

Elk Art., Numbers 1 Pennsylvania.

Ellis" (C. A.) Cav., 1st Mo.

Ellsworth's Averages, Inf., 44th N. Y.

Ellsworth's (E. E.) INf., 11th N. Y.

Evans" (J.) Inf., 7th W. Va.

Ewing's (H.) Inf., 30th Ohio.

Excelsior Brigade, 1st inf., 70th N. Y.

Excelsior Brigade, 2nd Inf., 71st N. Y.

Excelsior Brigade, 3rd Inf., 72nd N. Y.

Excelsior Brigade, 4th Inf., 73rd N. Y.

Fairman's (J.) Inf., 73 N. Y.

Farnsworth's (J. F.) Cav., 8th Ill.

Fearing's (H., Jr.) Inf., 8th N. H.

Ferrero's (E.) Inf., 51st IN. Y.

Fessxenden's (J. D.) Inf., 2nd U. S. Vols. (S. S.)

Fire Zouaves, Inf., 11th N. Y.

Fletcher's (C. H.) Art., 1st Iowa Batty.

Foley's (J. L.) Cav., 5th Ohio Co.

Follett's (D. H.) Art., 3rd (C) Mass. Batty.

Ford's (T. H.) Inf., 32nd Ohio.

Foster's (J. D.) Inf., 22nd Mo.

Foster;'s (J. S.) Cav., Ohio Co.

Fosteer's (J. T.) Art., 1st Wis. Batty.

Frank's (P.) Inf., 52nd N. Y.

Franklin Country Home Guards, Missouri.

Fremont Light Guard, Missouri.

Friendman's (M.) Cav., 5th Pa.

Fritz's (C. A.) Inf., 3rd Mo., R. C.

Fry's (S. S.) Inf., 4th Ky.

Fuller's (J. W.) Inf., 27th Ohio.

Fylle's (E. P.) Inf., 26th Ohio.

Fyffe's (J. P.) Inf., 59th Ohio.

Garfield's (J. A.) Inf., 42nd Ohio.

Garibaldi Guyards, Inf., 39th N. Y.

Garrard's (J.) Cav., 6th Ohio Co.

Garrard's (T. T.) Inf., 7th Ky.

Garsonade Country U. S. R. C., Missouri.

Casconade Home Guards, Missouri.

German Cav., 1st Minn. Co.

German Rifles, 5th, Inf., 45th N. Y.

Gerster's (A.) pioneers, Missouri.

Gibson's (W. H.) Inf., 49th Ohio.

Gilbert's (S. A.,) Inf., 44th Ohio.

Glover's (J. M.) Cav., 3rd Mo.

Goddard's (J.) Cav., 1st Me.

Gorman's (W. A.) Inf., 1st Minn.

Governor's Greys, Inf., Iowa.

Graham's (R. H.) Inf., 8th Kans.

Gray Reserves, Inf., Pennsylvania.

Gray's (W. H.) Inf., 20th Pa. (3 months.)

Grider's (B. C.) Inf., 9th Ky.

Griffith's (R. R.) Art., 7th Wis. Batty.

Grigsby's (L. B.) Inf., 24th Ky.

Groesbeck's (J.) Inf., 39th Ohio.

Guss" (H. R.) Inf., 97th Pa.

Guthrie's (J. V.) Inf., 1st Ky.

Haggard's (D. R.) Cav., 5th Ky.