War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0965 ALTERNATE DESIGNATIONS

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Alternate designation ion black-faced type, official designation, reference, or State to which organization belongs follows in italics.

Adams" (J. W.) Inf., 67 N Y.

Alaman's (J. S.) Inf., 18th Wis.

Allen's (B.) Inf., 16th Wis.

Allens (N.) Art., 1st Kans Batty.

Allen's (W. H.) Inf., 1st N. Y.

Almesteadt's (H.) Inf., 1st Mio. R. C., 2nd Mo., Art.

Ammen's (J.) Inf., 24th Ohio.

Amsberg's (G.) Inf., 45th N. Y.

Anderson Cav., Pennsylvania.

Andrew's (W. W.) Art., 4th Mich. Batty.

Andrew's (I.) Art. See Coast Guard.

Andrew's (J. W.) Inf., 1st Del.

Angeroth's (C.) Art., 2nd Pa.

Anisausel's (H.) Cav., 1st W. Va.

Appler's (J. J.) Inf., 55d Ohio

Avarell's (W. W.) Cav., 3rd Pa.

Backof's (F.) Art., Missouri.

Backus" (W. H.) Cav., Colorado.

Badger's (E. R.) Inf. See Keystone Inf.

Baggs" (J. P.) Scouts, West Virginia.

Baggs" (J. P.) Scouts, West Virginia.

Balley's (G. D.) Art., 1st N. Y.

Ballier's (J. F.) Inf., 98th Pa. (3 months).

Barber's (J. L.) Cav., 7th Ohio Co.

Bardwell's (W. F.) Art., 10th Ohio Barry.

Barnes" (S. M.) Inf., 8th Ky.

Barnett's (J.) Art., Ohio.

Barstow's (W. A.) Cav., 3rd Wis.

Barlett's (J.) Art., 1st Ohio Batty. G.

Bausevwein's (V.) Inf., 58th Ohio.

Bayl's (G. L.) Inf., 10th Me.

Beam's (J. E.) Art., 2nd N. J. Batty.

Beardsley's (J.) Cav., 9th N. Y.

Beatty's (S.) Inf., 19th Ohio.

Beebe's (Y. V.) Art., 10th Wis. Batty.

Bell's (J. W.) Cav., 13th Ill.

Bendix's (J. E.) Inf., 7th N. Y.

Bennett's (M.) Inf., 28th N. Y. (3 months).

Benton Cadets, Inf., Missouri.

Benton Hussars, Cav., Missouri.

Benton's (W. P.) Inf., 8th Ind.

Berdan's (H.) Inf., 1st U. S. Vols. (S. S.)

Berry's (B. G.), 4th Me.

Betge's (R. J.) Inf., 68 N. Y.

Biddle's (C. J.) Inf., 13th Pa. Res.

Bidwell's (D. D.) Inf., 49th N. Y.

Birge's (J. W.) Inf., Missouri.

Bischoff's (H.) Inf., 3rd Mo.

Bishop's (W.) Cav. See Black Hawk Cav.

Bissell's J. W.) Engrs., Missouri.

Black Hawk Cav., Misssouri.

Black's (S. W.) Inf., 62 Pa.

Blair's (F. P., jr.) Inf., 1st Mo. 3 months): 1st Mo Art.

Bland's (P. E.) Inf., 6th Mo.

Board's (B.) Cav., 2nd Ky.

Beernstein's (H.) Inf., 2nd Mo. 3 months.

Bohlen's (H.) Inf., 75th Pa.

Bolles"(W. M.) Cav., 2nd W. Va.

Boomer's (G. B.) Inf., 26th Mo.

Boone's (W. P>) Inf., 28th Ky.

Boonville Home Guards, Missouri.

Bosley's (W. K.) Inf., 6th Ohio.

Boston Cadets, Inf., Massachusetts.

Boyd's (S. H.) Inf., 24th Mo.

Bradley's (C.) Art., 6th Ohio Batty.

Bradley's (E. D.) Inf., 38th Ohio.

Brady's Inf., Michigan.

Bramlette;s (T. E.) Inf., 3rd Ky.

Briggs" (H. S.)., 10th Mass.

Brodhead's (T. F.) Cav., 1st Mich.

Brown's (B. G.)., Inf., 4th Mo., R. C.

Brown's (N. W.) Inf., 3rd R. I.

Bruce's (S. D.) Inf., 20th Ky.

Bryan's (M. K.) Inf., 25th N. Y. (3 months.)

Bryant's (G. E.) Inf., 12th Wis.

Bryner's (J.) Inf., 47th Ill.

Brackland's (R. P.) Inf., 72nd Ohio.

Buckley's (L. P.) Inf., 29th Ohio.

Buel's (J. T.) Art., Missouri.

Buell's (F.) Art., West Virginia, Batty. C.

Burbridge's (S. G.) Inf., 26th Ky.

Burnap's (S. A.) Art., 7th Ohio Batty.

Burnham's (H.) Inf., 6th Me.

Burnside;'s (A. E.) Inf., 1st R. 1.

Burrows" (J. B.) Art., 14th Ohio Batty.

Burstenbinder's (O.) Inf., 6th Ohio.

Bussey's (C.) Cav., 3rd Iowa.

Butterfield's (D.) Inf., 12th N. Y. (3 months.)

Galdwell's (H. M.) Inf., 2nd U. S. Vols. (S. S.)

Caldwell's (J. C.) Inf., 11th Me.

Campbell's (C. T.) Art., 1st pa., Batty. A.