War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0962 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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of field and staff as acting surgeon and assistant surgeon, not embraced in recapitulation, with dates and place of commencement of service, and in the column of remarks, say "Engaged at [Baltimore, July 25], by mustering officer, with approval of the colonel, to serve as acting surgeon [or assistant surgeon] in the regiment, temporarily, and provisionally mustered, at the rate of pay and allowances of that grade while serving and for the distance from place of discharge, or relieved, home, the place of general rendezvous."

88. Captains will have a roll or list of their companies in the order of rank in every, the privates alphabetically (by the surname), and all of the same name together, as Smith, John, Smith, John R., &c., written in a plain hand, the first Christian name at full length, and every name accurately spelled; and they will form the company in the same order from right to left i two ranks, if it be foot, the commissioned officers on the right, them the sergeants, next the corporals, the musicians, privates, with an interval of a peace between the different grades, so that they may be easily distinguished and the number in each counted.

89. The mustering examination from right to left, and verify the numbers; and there should always be an excess of privates to supply the place of men rejected.

* * * *

94. Volunteers and militia are not to be less then eighteen nor more than forty-five years of age. Some exceptions may be admissible for over age in commissioned officer, provided they be physically robust and active and in all other respects well qualified; but in this the mustering officer must exercise a sound and rigid judgment.

95. If there be any doubt about the age of a person, ask any of the following questions: "How old are you? Are you eighteen? (our) Are you under forty-five? How do you know you age? In what year were you born? Did you ever see the register of your birth, and in what and when? Who told you the year of your birth, and when were you told? Will you take an oath that, to the best of your knowledge and belief, you are eighteen or not over forty- five years old?" -and then administer the oath accordingly: "You swear that, to the best of your knowledge and belief, you are eighteen (or, not over forty-five years old, os help you God."

96. All officers and men must be sound and active, free from all malformation, defects of sight, hearing, ulcers, piles, repeater, fracture, dislocation, and disease of any kind. But the lack, or defect in, the left eye, or slight injury of the left hand, will not reject the man. Foreigners and stammerers must not be received, unless they can understand and speak readily. But all men who are enrolled and have performed duty in the organized militia be received.

97. The company, being in line, will be faced to the right. The mustering officer, accompanied by the surgeon, after inspecting and accepting the captain and lieutenants, will place himself about a dozen paces from, and nearly in front of, the first sergeant, with the captain near him on his right, to call names. One of the second lieutenants will place himself by the left of the sergeant, with directions to keep the right, now front, file of the company (not called) closed up to his front,a nd to see that each man, when his name is called, answers "Here," in a tone to be heard distinctly by the mustering officer. And every man must be called by, and answer personally, to his legal name, any other will vitiate his title to land and pension.