War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0961 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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64. The two copies of rolls of paymaster will not embrace the names of persons previously dropped from the rolls.

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82. An officer who is appointed to make a muster of any force into the service of the United States, on arriving at the place designated in his instructions, will if the name of the commander and captains be not given in his order, ascertain from the proper authority who the commanders of the regiment and companies are to be; this information is generally obtained from the Executive of the State. And he must be satisfied that the whole number of companies for the designated command are present, or on their way there, with organization complete unless otherwise directed, before he commences the muster.


83C. The organization of a regiment, by existing laws, is ten companies.

84. Each company of foot to consist of a captain, a first lieutenant, two second lieutenants, four sergeants, four corporal, a drummer, a fighter, a not less than eighty privates. A mounted company will have the same commissioned officers, sergeants, corporals, and privates, with two buglers, and a farrier and blacksmith.

85. The field and staff to consist of a colonel, lieutenant- colonel, major, adjutant (one of the company lieutenants if of foot, an extra lieutenant if of mounted), assistant quartermaster, assistant commissary (both with rank of captain), surgeon, assistant surgeon (the last four to be appointed by the President-see paragraph 25), sergeant-major, quartermaster- sergeant, and, if of foot, two principal musicians, one of whom should be a bugler; if of mounted, one principal musical and two chief buglers.*

86. Sometimes the colonel an other field officers are not appointed till the prescribed number companies are mustered into service, and then elected. In such case dates of enrollment, or official commencement of the term, as field officers, will be dates of such elections. If they were appointed before, the dates of enrollment will be the days of their arrival, respectively, under legal orders, at the general rendezvous and commencement of duty there in commanding the companies as they arrive, and with allowance for travel according to distance. The dates of enrollment of such of the staff as may be appointed by the colonel-all excepting-all excepting those commissioned by the President-will be the days on which they were, respectively, appointed, under the same rules as apply to the field officers. (See paragraphs 22, 25.)

87. If there be no medical officers, duly appointed, present, the mustering officer, on consultation with the colonel or other gentlemen of respectability, will select and engage the services of one or more physicians, having diplomas, and of well- established capacities and character, to assist him in inspecting the officers and men to be mustered, and to attend upon accompany the troops on their march till relieved by others regularly appointed. They will be borne on the muster-roll


* Amended April 16, 1861-saee p. 76.