War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0960 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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or places, of general rendezvous, of the dates, subsequently, of election or appointment to office.

26. If compensation be claimed for any prior service, as by the colonel, for superintending, under legal authority, the formation, assembling, and command of the companies at the general rendezvous, a remark will be made embracing the facts in the column of remarks; and a copy of the order, for performance of the duty, must accompany the roll for payment. (See paragraphs 28, 64.)

27. The sixth column, "Where," will contain the name of the place of general rendezvous (not the place of company organization), as that of the enrollment of those present at the original ulster; the places, if any, where individuals may have engaged and joined the company on the march to, or in, Mexico; or the places where men have been enlisted by recruiting officers, after the muster of the company into service, to serve in the regiment. The date of the actual joining of all such men (not present at first muster) will be given in the column of remarks.

28. The seventh column will show the name of the officer (generally the captain) who raised ancompany, on the lines of all who were present at fires muster; opposite the names of those who joined afterward, as in paragraph 24, will be inserted the name of the recruiting officer.

29. The first column, under "Traveling," will contain the distance, in plain figures on each line, which each person may have traveled as a member of the company from his home-the place of company organization preferable-to the place of general rendezvous, by the nearest practicable road for wagons. All such as join at other places, or subsequently, are not entitled to any distance for travel, and the word "none" will be written opposite their manes, and also those of recruits, who will be under pay from the dates of their enlistment. (See paragraph 7 for discontinuance of these figures.)

* * * *

34. The rolls of field and staff will embrace the names of the medical and other officers appointed by the President and assigned to the regiment, with dates of appointments, and in the column of remarks, when joined for duty. Also the names of adjutant and acting assistant quartermaster (who will perform also the duties of acting commissary of of subsistence, if there be none by commission with the regiment), with the date of staff appointment and the remarks, as in the preceding paragraph, in relation to when appointed, his company (to which, except the adjutant in a mounted regiment, they will still belong), and the rate for distance traveled.

* * * *


59. After muster into service, or the prescribed enrollment or recruits to fill vacancies, no officer or soldier of volunteers or militia will be discharged therefrom except by orders from general headquarters, or by order of the general or other officer having the command of an army corps and in direct correspondence with the War Department, where the volunteer or militia force may be serving. All substitution or exchange of one man for another is illegal and unauthorized and will bar both land warrant and pension, and consequently that and the exchanging or swapping of horses which have been mustered in to the service are positively forbidden.