War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0959 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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term of service and of public supplies, unless otherwise specially directed, without regard to the date of muster or that of pervious company organization.


15. For muster into service there will be there copies of muster- roll, viz, one for the captain, one for the Adjutant-General at Washington for the headquarters where the force is to serve. for periodical payments there will be five copies, three as above and two for the paymaster; and for discharge from service there will be five copies, four for the captain, Adjutant-General, and paymaster, as above, and one for Bounty Land Bureau at Washington.

* * * *


17. In making muster-rolls, where the number of lines on the sheet will admit, give two lines to each commissioned officer, to afford room for necessary remarks, and leave a blank line between lieutenant and sergeant., between sergeant and corporal, and so of the grades below.

18. Number (in the marginal column only) the captain 1; first lieutenant 1; second lieutenants 1, 2; sergeants 1, 2, 3, 4; corporals 1, 2, 3, 4;l musicians 1, 2; privates 1, 2, 3, and so on, or according to the numbers in each grade embraced on the roll-every grade, on any roll, will commence with Numbers 1- and the recapitulation will then show a correspondending number of each grade.

* * * *

20. The Christian name, or the first one, as "John B. Smith," must in all cases be written at full length, not the first letter of it; and the names of every grade must exactly correspond, by numbers, on all the rolls made for any muster.

21. In the column of "rank" (the third) designate the sergeant on the first or upper line as "first sergeant," the others as sergeants, &c. "First sergeant" is the title, by law, of the orderly sergeant, who may be appointed to the duty, by the captain,. from any of the sergeants.

22. In field and staff rolls the regimental rank, as well as staff office, must be shown in the third column.

23. The ages of all officers and men will be placed in figures, opposite their names, and continued without change, during the term, in the fourth column.

24. The fifth column will be filled with the date of arrival (as mentioned in paragraph 14) at the place of general rendezvous- which is generally, also, the place of muster-and the dates, respectively, of such as may, under legal authority, join and be received as recruits afterward at that or other places. The supplies and pay, by time, will commence with such dates; all previous allowances will be in proportion to the distance traveled, having respect to grades.

25. This column on rolls of field and staff, as well as the time of enrollment in the caption, will be filled with the date on which the colonel or commanding officer was elected or appointed; and so (in the column) of the others, field and staff, as the commencement of the official term for payment, respectively. But in no case can any one (except those in the staff appointed by the President) go back beyond the day when the regiment, or prescribed command, became complete in its organization by the arrival of the tenth, or last, company at the place,