War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0958 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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regiment, the State to which it belongs, whether mounted or foot, volunteer or militia; the name of the colonel or permanent commanding officer; by whom, and under what act of Congress, it was called into service; where and when enrolled, and the term to be served; by whom, where, and when, or in what month, the company was organized; and (with the exceptions shown in the forms below) when it arrived at the general rendezvous, and the distance between that and the place of organization, and when discharged. The muster-rolls for payment will show the time for which the muster is made, as the first one from date or enrollment, and subsequent ones from the time the company was "last paid" (without regard to any intermediate muster) to the time the new muster is to be made-generally for two months, but more or less musters which may occur.

3. The words and figures between brackets [] throughout are inserted to made the meaning of the captain and remarks clear; appropriate ones will used on the rolls.

Numbers 1.-For muster into service.

4. "Muster-roll of Captain [John Smith's] Company [A] in the [1st] Regiment of [Maryland] mounted (of foot) volunteers, commanded by Colonel [Tom Brown], called into the service of the United States by [the President], under the act of Congress approved [May 13, 1846], at Baltimore, Maryland] (the place of general rendezvous), on the [25th] day of [July, 1847], to serve for the term of [during the war with Mexico] (or for twelve months_) from the date of enrollment, unless sooner discharged. The company was organized by Captain [John Smith], at [Cumberland], in the month of [June, 1847], and marched thence to [Baltimore], where it arrived the [25th] day of [July], a distance of [125] miles."

* * * *

Numbers 3.-For all subsequent periodical payments.

* * * *

7. Note the distance from Cumberland (the home of the company) to Baltimore, 125 miles, will, or should, be paid for on the first periodical muster, and need not, therefore, be continued on any subsequent rolls. It will be inserted in the caption and -column till paid for. The place of company organization must be shown on all the rolls during the term in service.

Numbers 4.-For discharged, after one or more payments have been made.

* * * *

13. If any other person than the President called the force into service, the name of such person, with his official rank or station, will be inserted in the caption, and under what law, authority, or circumstances the call was made; vide paragraph 840 Army Regulations.

14. The date of enrollment in the captain and one of the columns will be that of the day of arrival of the company, with organization complete of full, at the place of general rendezvous, in compliance with orders from the proper authority- but not prior to the day specified in the order; which date of enrollment will be the commencement of the