War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0936 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Detroit, Mich., March 20, 1862.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War, Washington:

SIR: By direction of the Governor of this State I this morning answered General Thomas' telegraphic dispatch in relation to the regiments of volunteers now in this State. There are now only three regiments of infantry in this State; no cavalry or artillery of any description. Those mustered into the U. S. service are armed and equipped, and well clothed and provided with camp and garrison equipage. They are ordered to Saint Louis by General Halleck, and are ready to move, provided they were paid mup to the 31st of January. They have been so long in the State that they are much in debt, the officers being responsible to private individuals for money advanced their men, and also for their own outfit. They have been led to believe that they would be paid before leaving the State. They are fine regiments, and are anxious for active service.

Paymaster J. Howard has received orders to pay them, and has had a notice that money will be sent him, but has not received it. The Governor is very anxious to have them paid and moved out of the State as soon as possible. One infantry regiment that had been paid left yesterday for Saint Louis. It is hoped that money will be immediately sent to Major Howard.

Very respectfully, I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,


Adjutant-General of Michigan.


Trenton, N. J., March 20, 1862.


Adjutant-General United States:

SIR: I received last evening telegraph dispatch from you asking for "a report of the whole number of organized regiments, &c., ready to be mustered into the U. S. service, but still within the limits of the State." I answered it immediately that there were no troops in the State in the situation named by you.

In explanation it is proper to say that on the 16th of January last I received a dispatch from T. A. Scott, Assistant Secretary of War, as follows, viz:

What number of troops can you ready fully equipped for marching within one week from this date? Answer.

To this I replied:


Assistant Secretary of War:

As no regiments are now being organized by me, I cannot send any within the time you limit. If you need them I will send one or two regiments in twenty days. Please answer.

To this I received January 17, 1862, reply as follows, viz:

No additional organization will be needed. Was not certain whether you had any in the State that are not complete.


Having sent forward the requisitions previously made on this State, since the receipt of the foregoing notice no organizations have been in