War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0920 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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and a limited quantity of quantity of the James projectiles, weighing about fourteen pounds each. The reports showing the superiority of this gun and projectile, both as regards range, accuracy, and execution, for field service over that of all others at the battle of Fort Donelson, leads me to request that there be furnished to the State of Illinois in the shortest time practicable seven batteries of 12-pounder caliber James rifled guns, with carriages, harness, implements, &c., complete and ready for field service, together with the following fixed ammunition to each gun, viz, 225 shells, 225 canister, and 50 solid projectiles, weighing about 24 pounds each, and also 200 shells, 200 canister, and 100 solid projectiles for each of the guns of the fourteen batteries named above, weighing about fourteen pounds each, all to be of the James model.

Very respectfully,


Governor of Illinois.

[First indorsement.]

MARCH 8, 1862.

The within is from the Governor of Illinois. I understand the seven additional batteries now sought are to be 6-gun batteries, and the object is to mix them with the fourteen batteries they already have so as to make each battery consist of four 6- pounders and two 12-pounders. I shall be very glad to have the requisition filled if it can be without detriment to the service.


[Second indorsement.]

The within application has been considered by the War Department, and cannot be complied with at present without detriment to the service.


Secretary of War.

[MARCH 3, 1862.-For the letter of the Secretary of War in answer to a resolution of the House of Representatives dates December 31, 1861, in relation to the purchase of small-arms from February 12, 1861, to February 1, 1862; and also correspondence in reference to the purchase of arms by Major General John C. Fremont, see House Ex. Doc. No. 67, Second session, Thirty-seventh Congress.]



ADJUTANT- GENERAL'S OFFICE, Washington, March 3, 1862.

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II. By direction of the Secretary of War, the following addition is made to paragraph 9, page 10, Revised Regulations for the Army: Except commissions issued by the President to officers of volunteers regiments, which will be considered the same as if issued by the Governors of States.

III. In order to guard against the loss of valuable letters mailed by soldiers in the various camps, the following order is given, on the recommendation of the Post-Office Department: The commander of each regiment or brigade will appoint a trustworthy agent to receive all letters from soldiers containing valuable inclosures. Each letter must be prepaid by postage stamps, together with the registering fee of five cents. A failure to register valuable letters increases the