War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0886 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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The assistant adjutant-general at division headquarters will make similar returns to this office of the books and blanks received by him for distribution to his division.

III. Where troops are not brigaded, as sometimes happens with the cavalry and artillery, requisitions for books and blanks will be made upon the chiefs of their respective arms in the army to which they are attached, and returns of the same will be made to these officers as though to division headquarters; and the chiefs of cavalry and artillery in such cases will make requisitions for the books and blanks needed for their commands, and make returns of the same to this office as prescribed in paragraph II of this order.

IV. The above regulations are meant to apply to regulars as well as to volunteers.

V. Officers on the recruiting service, whether of the Regular Army or the volunteers, will make requisitions for and quarterly returns of the books and blanks required by them on and to their respective superintendents; and the latter will be governed in their turn by what is laid down in paragraph III for the chiefs of cavalry and artillery.

VI. For the regiments of volunteers organizing or organized in the several States and which are still under the direction of their Governors, application must be made to the adjutants- general of the States, respectively, and the latter will be supplied from this office on proper requisitions made by them, specifying the number of each kind wanted and the number of each actually on hand. Quarterly returns must in such case also be made to this office showing the number of each kind of book and blank on hand at date of last return rendered; the number of each kind since received, and the number issued to each regiment, with date of issue. And when the regiments are ordered out of the State a statement of all the books and blanks distributed to each should be forwarded by the adjutant-general of the State to the headquarters of the army to which the regiment is ordered for file at the headquarters of the division to which it is assigned.

VII. To each regiment will be allowed the following books, viz: 35 regulations, 35 tactics, 30 bayonet exercise, 30 target practice, 35 out-post duty.

VIII. The following will be considered a six-months' supply of blanks and blank books for a regiment: 1 guard report book, 1 consolidated morning report book, 10 company morning report books, 100 consolidated morning reports, 2 lists of rolls, returns, &c., to be made out by company commanders, 6 field and staff muster-rolls, 18 field and staff muster and pay rolls, 6 muster-rolls of hospital, 18 muster and pay rolls, hospital; 60 company muster-rolls, 180 company muster and pay rolls, 12 regimental returns, 60 company monthly returns, 20 returns of men joined company, 6 quarterly regimental returns of deceased soldiers, 30 quarterly company returns of deceased soldiers, 2 annual returns of casualties, 40 descriptive lists, 100 non- commissioned officers' warrants.

By command of Major-General McClellan:



AN ACT authorizing the detail of naval officers for the service of the War Department.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized to temporarily detail