War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0805 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Infantry regiments now in the field-Continued.

Regiment. Colonel. Location.

9th Robert L. McCook. Kentucky.

10th William H. Lytle. Do.

11th Charles A. De Villiers. Virginia.

12th Carr B. White. Do.

13th William S. Smith. Kentucky.

14th James B. Steedman. Do.

15th Moses R. Dickey. Do.

16th John F. De Courcy. Do.

17th J. M. Connell. Do.

18th T. R. Stanley. Do.

19th Samuel Beatty. Do.

21st Jesse S. Norton. Do.

23rd E. P. Scammon. Virginia.

24th Jacob Ammen. Kentucky.

25th James A. Jones. Virginia.

26th Ed. P. Fyffe. Do.

27th John W. Fuller. Missouri.

28th Augusts Moor. Virginia.

29th Lewis P. Bukley. Do.

30th Hugh Ewing. Do.

31st Moses B. Walker. Kentucky.

32nd Thomas H. Ford. Virginia.

33rd Joshua W. Sill. Kentucky.

34th A. Sanders Piatt. Virginia.

35th Ferdinand Van Derveer. Kentucky.

36th George Crook. Virginia.

37th Edward Siber. Do.

38th Edwin D. Bradley. Kentucky.

39th J. Groesbeck. Missouri.

40th Jonathan Cranor. Kentucky.

41st William B. Hazen. Do.

42nd J. A. Garfield. Do.

44th Samuel A. Gilbert. Virginia.

47th Frederick Poschner. Do.

49th William H. Gibson. Kentucky.

51st Stanley Matthews. Do.

62nd Francis B. Pond. Virginia.

64th ... Kentucky.

65th Charles G. Harker. Do.

66th Charles Candy. Virginia.

67th O. Burstenbinder. Do.

Infantry regiments completed and ready for the field.

Regiment. Colonel. Camp.

43rd J. L. K. Smith. Andrews.

55th John C. Lee. McClellan.

56th Peter Kinney. Morrow.

63rd a William Craig. Putnam.

68th S. H. Steedman. Latty.

72nd Ralph P. Bucland. Croghan.

73rd Orland Smith. Logan.

75th N. C. McLean. McLean.

77th J. Hildebrand. Dennison.

78th M. D. Leggett. Gillbert.

82nd James Cantwell. Kenton.

Regiment. Location. Full Numb Number of

compa er men.

nies. of




43rd Mount Vernon. 10 10 938

55th Norwalk. 10 10 973

56th Portsmouth. 10 10 880

63rd a Marietta. 10 ... 960

68th Napoleon b. 10 10 945

72nd Freemont b. 10 10 869

73rd Chillicothe. 10 10 914

75th Lockland. 10 10 890

77th Near Cincinnati. 10 10 901

78th Znesville. 10 10 901

82nd Kenton. 10 10 964

a Consolidated with the Twenty-second Regiment; six detachments.

b Ordered to Camp Chase.

Infantry regiments nearly completed.

20th Charles City Cincinnati.

Whittlesey. Barracks.

46th a Thomas Lyon. Worthington.


48th Peter J. Sullivan. Dennison. Near Cincinnati.

53rd J. J. Appler. Diamond. Jackson.

54th Thomas K. Smith. Dennison. Near Cincinnati.

57th William Mungen. Vance. Findlay b.

71st Rodney Mason. Tod. Troy.

76th Charles R. Woods. Sherman. Newark.

80th E. R. Eckley. Meigs. Canal Dover.

81st Thomas Morton. Merton. Missouri.

20th 8 9 830

46th a 9 ... 860

48th 9 10 881

53rd 8 10 828

54th 5 10 801

57th 7 ... 876

71st 7 10 849

76th 7 10 846

80th 8 10 878

81st ... ... c 841

a Two detachments.

b Ordered to Camp Chase; four detachments.

c Last report.