War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0789 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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two companies of Third Cavalry, and suspended issuing commissions therein. I would suggest that the two companies of cavalry of Third be assigned-Captain Reeves to the Eighth Infantry, Captain Conger to the Ninth Infantry, and also a company forming on Kanawha under Captain Young, to the Eleventh Infantry, as mounted infantry. With your permission I will commission them, or by an order of the Department assigning them to those regiments will recall their commissions and commission as assigned. Captain Baggs' company is the only independent acceptance. His company has been highly serviceable and should in my opinion be kept as they are-free to act.

The manner in which the mustering into U. S. service has been done has caused embarrassment, because of the uncertainty existing in regard to whose jurisdiction parts of companies are, and the only way to get the time and manner of muster in will be through the Pay Department, from their rolls, so that of the forces mentioned in the statement inclosed I cannot state how many have been transferred to the Federal Government, but presume nearly all. All regiments and companies complete certainly so, the incomplete companies being the uncertain forces referred to.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,


Adjutant-General of Virginia.


Statement of volunteers in U. S. service under the authority of Virginia for three years.

Number of regiment. Arm of service. Number Rank

of men. and


1st Infantry. 892 922

2nd do. 921 957

3rd do. 928 964

4th do. 925 962

5th do. 900 927

6th Infantry, railroad 1,420 1,480


1st Cavalry. 1,005

2nd do. 827

7th Infantry. a810 810

8th do. a769 769

9th do. a580 580

10th do. a480 480

11th do. a620 620

1st Battalion:

Daum's [battery] Light artillery a82 82

Davey's [battery] do. a156 156

Buel's [battery] do. 90 90

12th and 13th Infantry --- ---

Complete Incomplete Remarks.

companies. companies.

10 None Complete regiments.

10 None do.

10 None do.

10 None do.

10 None Some officers not


13 of 101 2 of 85 Do.

12 None Complete cavalry.

10 None Do.

9 1 Wants about 60 men.

6 4 Wants about 120 men.

3 7 Wants about 300 men.

3 7 Wants about 400 men.

4 6 Wants about 250 men.

1 --- Complete artillery

1 --- Do.

1 --- Do.

--- --- No returns.

REMARKS-The Twelfth and Thirteenth are intended for East Virginia regiments; part East Virginia brigade. Captain Reeve's and Captain Conger's companies, cavalry, eighty-five men each, commissioned as Third Cavalry Regiment; Lieutenant Young, forty men, same regiment; Captain John Baggs' "independent acceptance," fifty-three men (Snake Hunters), scouts, and effective men. The Seventh, Eighth, and Eleventh Regiments will probably complete by 10th of February; the residue by 1st of March, except the East Virginia regiments, of which we have no returns.


Adjutant-General of Virginia.

WHEELING, January 11, 1862.