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down the shore of Staten Island than Fort Richmond. The utmost, however, that can be added next year by it to the fire on the channel will be its lower tier, mounting thirty-three guns. As the foundations are not yet laid, this addition will hardly be possible within that period. It is also desired to construct next year two heavy barbette batteries contiguous to Fort Richmond on the right and left. These will contain sixty-six guns, and all these by great efforts may be mounted by the close of the year. On the Long Island side of The Narrows there is the like purpose as to barbette batteries below Fort Hamilton. These have been planned to contain fifty-five guns, and efforts will be made to advance them equally those to be commenced on the shore opposite. We are prepared at The Narrows for 349 guns. By works in hand we expect at the end of next working season to be ready for 394 guns. By adding new works, as just specified, the preparation at that time may amount to 546 guns.

Proceeding up the bay there comes next the third line of defense, consisting of the forts and batteries a little in front of the city. These are Fort Columbus, ready for seventy-six 15-inch, 10- inch, and 8-inch guns, including eleven 32 and 24 pounders. Castle William, ready for seventy-eight 10-inch and 8-inch guns; South Battery, ready for thirteen 10-inch and 8-inch guns. Fort Wood, Bedloe's Island, ready for sixty-seven 10-inch and 8-inch guns, including two 32 and 24-pounders. Fort Gibson (Ellis' Island), ready for twelve 8-inch guns giving for the present force, as respects the fortifications of this third line, a total of 246 guns, to which there might soon be added the guns of Castle Clinton (Castle Garden), twenty-eight 8-inch or 10-inch guns, giving in that case a total of 274 guns.

Taking now the line of approach from the Sound there is at Throg's Neck Fort Schuyler, a new fort prepared for 247 15-inch, 13-inch, 10-inch, and 8-inch guns, commanding the channel, including sixty-five 32 and 24 pounders. Considering the natural obstructions, lying near the city, to the navigation of this channel the difficulty to an enemy would be greater than by the other route; nevertheless, it has always been designed to double nearly or quite the resistance on this route by placing a fort opposite Fort Schuyler, and this fort would now be well advanced but for corrupt opposition on the part of Mr. Secretary Floyd. Under the delay that has been unavoidably consequent we can hardly look for any material additions next year to the permanent preparation here of guns.

We may now recapitulate the force in guns of the forts and batteries on these approaches to the city of New York as follows: Forts and batteries now ready for 960 guns. Forts and batteries will probably by addition to works in progress, be ready during next year for 1,093 guns. Forts and batteries by the addition of new works and a very vigorous prosecution of labors may, by the close of next season, be ready for 1,212 guns; possibly by the completion of the lower tier of a new casemated work at The Narrows, 1,245 guns. As partly specified above these guns are to be of the heaviest calibers, 15-inch, 13-inch, 10-inch, and 8- inch guns, with a very few smaller pieces, as 32-pounders and 24- pounders, in positions where larger are not required. And it may safely be added that these guns could not be assigned to better positions nor be better provided for there.

The preceding statement gives only so much of the permanent system of defense of this harbor as is finished or likely to be finished within a year or so. It is certain that other formidable fortifications must be added before the defense will be as thorough as the great and growing