War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0731 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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"if not incompatible with the public interests to communicate copies of any communications addressed to the Executive of the United States by the Governments of England, Spain, and France in regard to the armed intervention proposed by them into the affairs of Mexico, and also any other information concerning the same which he may have communicate," has the honor to report that it would be inexpedient at this juncture to make public the papers referred to.

Respectfully submitted.



Washington, December 9, 1861.


Secretary of War:

SIR: Since the adjournment of the late session of Congress it has become more and more important that labors upon our fortifications should be urged vigorously and unremittingly. With a view to this end the appropriations made at that session are now being applied as rapidly as circumstances will permit to the several works under construction, and estimates for the next fiscal year, contemplating quite liberal progress, have been presented to you from this office. But in consequence of this accelerated rate of our progress, and for other reasons also, the means now leviable will not suffice for the needs of the remainder of the present fiscal year, and I therefore present herewith estimates for such further sums as we are in need of therefor. With respect to these estimates I desire to say that it is of the highest importance that the grants asked for in them for the present fiscal year be made at the earliest day practicable. In some of the cases named, as, for instance, Fort Jefferson and Fort Taylor, the manes will be expended in a few weeks, so that unless the appropriations be promptly made labors at those points must be interruof workmen is bant working season of the year lost before operations can be again commenced. In other cases-indeed in all-the appropriations asked should beamed at once, in order that measures may be initiated for obtaining supplies of materials to be prepared and delivered in a state of readiness for use on the opening of the spring season of work. In order to a clear understanding of our wants, the tables show:

In the first column the amounts that are necessary for expenditure during the unexpired portion of the present fiscal year. An appropriation of these at the earliest day practicable is respectfully urged.

In the second column the amounts asked are the same as those embodied in regular estimates submitted to Congress at the present session for the fiscal year ending 30th of June, 1863, and although not so urgently needed at present, their early appropriation is also desired.

In the third column the sums of both amounts or the total amount required to be appropriated for the nineteen months from now to 30th of June, 1863, is exhibited.

I have, &c.,


Brevet Brigadier-General and Colonel of Engineers.