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men; and if any officer shall enlist any person contrary to the true intent and meaning of the law, it is further provided that for every offense "he shall forfeit and pay the amount of the bounty and clothing which the person so recruited may have received from the public, to be deducted out of the pay and emoluments of such officer." With this object in view, paragraphs 980 and 981, Revised Regulations, must be strictly complied with.

A sense of duty to the public will cause an enforcement of the laws and regulations governing the service, and these must be the guidance of the officers obtaining recruits. Officers cannot be too circumspect in the discharge of their duties, and they are called upon to comply strictly with all regulations applicable to the subject.

II. As to minors, every precaution should be taken to prevent their enlistment, except as provided by the regulations. A true record of the age is of great value. In a majority of cases the recruiting officer may be justified in recording the age as stated by the person offering to enlist; yet many cases occur in which he should rely more upon his own judgment, and less on the recruits' affirmation, in ascertaining his probable, if not his actual, age. In every doubtful case, therefore, as to minority, or over age, of the man, it becomes the duty of the officer to judge for himself, to a certain extent, and not in any case to accept a recruit who, under anxiety to enlist, manifestly misstates his age.

III. It will be observed the regulations, at this time, contain no direct prohibition to enlist married men. In the regimental service this must be governed by the want of laundresses for companies; and in the general service by the superintendents.

IV. It is enjoined on all superintendents and other officers, commissioned and non-commissioned, to conduct the service with diligence, unceasing personal attention, and economy.

By command of Major-General McClellan:





Washington, December 3, 1861.

The following orders have been received from the Secretary of War:

I. No more regiments, batteries, or independent companies will be raised by the Governors of States except upon the special requisition of the War Department.

Those now forming in the various States will be completed, under direction of the respective Governors thereof, unless it be deemed more advantageous to the service to assign the men already raised to regiments, batteries, or independent companies now in the field, in order to fill up their organizations to the maximum standard prescribed by law.

II. The recruiting service in the various States for the volunteer forces already in service and for these that may hereafter be received is placed under charge of general superintendents for those States respectively, with general depots for the collection and instructions of recruits as follows, viz:

* * *

The superintendents detailed will take charge of the recruiting service in the various States to which they are assigned on the 1st of January, 1862. They will take post at their general depots, which will be under their immediate command. The superintendent for the State of New York will take post at Albany. Upon the requisition of the superintendents a suitable number of volunteer officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates will be detailed for duty in the staff departments and as drill masters at the respective depots.

A disbursing officer of the fund for "collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers" will be assigned to each depot, and will be under the direction of the superintendent.