War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0689 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Snyder and other officers. - Preparations have been made for mounting six flanking howitzers, a postern has been closed up, draw bridge reconstructed, standing bridge renewed, bridge machinery got into working order, double abatis arranged in front of the gorge of the work, shutters fitted to the flank embrasures, and minor repairs to magazines, cisterns, & c., executed. Twenty-three guns besides flanking howitzers are mounted. The ground has been cleared on the northeast and south sides of the work, the trees and bushes felled, being formed into an entanglement, and the ground north of the caponiere lowered about three feet, so as to open the approach to the fire of the flanking pieces.

Fort Monroe, Old Point Comfort, Va., in charge of Lieutenant Colonel R. E. De Russy. - The labors of the year embrace various repairs and operations, tending to put the fort in an efficient condition. magazines have been repaired, as also quarters and cisterns, ovens built, gun platforms prepared, draw bridge put in order, portcullis hung, road repaired, bridge to front VI rebuilt, gates made and hung to advanced redoubt, and other work executed thereto tending toward its completion.

Fort Calhoun, Hampton Roads, Va., in charge of Lieutenant Colonel R. E. De Russy. - Operations were suspended during a part of the year, previous to which labors were applied to the building of third, fourth, and fifth courses of the scarp, piers and foundations, magazine walls, removing, loading, filling, and leveling for casemate floors. Work was resumed in June and directed to making preparations for mounting some guns at this important position. Work upon the scarp, embrasures, and gun platforms will be applied accordingly to this object. Appropriation asked, $ 200,000.

Fortt Macon, and preservation of its site, Beaufort Harbor, N. C., in charge of Brigadier General J. G. Foster, captain of Engineers, until the middle of April, 1861. - This work was taken possession of by the troops of the State of North Carolina about the middle of April. At that time the wood-work of quarters and barracks and one draw bridge needed repairs as well as the shingled interior slope, the iron-work, door and window fastenings, bridge across the canal, and embankment of the causeway. The masonry needed pointing, the shot furnace required rebuilding. A few guns are mounted on weak carriages. The site of Fort Macon was tolerably well preserved by the temporary works constructed during the previous winter.

Fort Caswell, and the preservation of its site, mouth of the Cape Fear River, N. C., in charge of Brigadier General J. G. Foster, captain of Engineers, until april 16, 1861. - This fort was taken possession of by a military company from Wilmington on the 16th of April, 1861. The public property here and at Fort Johnston, Smithville, was taken. The fort generally was in good repair. The shot furnace required rebuilding. A very few guns of inferior caliber without carriages were on hand. The fronts of the work bearing upon the entrance were deficient in gun circles.

Fort Moultrie, CHarleston Harbor, S. C., in charge of Brigadier General J. G. Foster, captain of Engineers, until December 20, 1860. - The work of preparing this fort for a vigorous defense commenced in August, 1860, and was diligently prosecuted up to the day of its evacuation - December 26, 1860. In this time the large accumulation of sand which overtopped the scarp wall on the sea front was removed to the front and formed into a glacis; a wet ditch fifteen feet wide dug around the fort; two flanking caponieres of brick built to flank with their fire the three water fronts; a bastionette for musketry constructed at the northwest