War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0685 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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tionary Corps; Second Lieutenant F. U. Farquhar, on duty at Fortress Monroe; Second Lieutenant A. H. Dutton, on duty with the Army of the Potomac.

I now subjoin statements, mostly derived from the reports of the officers in charge, of the condition of the several forts under construction, and the progress of work during the year.

Very respectfully,


Brevet Brigadier-General and Colonel of Engineers.

Fort Wayne, Detroit, Mich., in charge of Captain E. C. Blunt, Corps of Engineers. - Since the last annual report about $ 900 derived from the fund for contingencies of fortifications has been expended in renewing a length of 150 feet of the timber scarp revetment. The barracks remain unfinished, and the quarters destroyed by fire several years since have not been rebuilt. The work can be prepared for its armament in a short time. To construct a stone revetment for the scarp will require the sum of $ 100,000.

Fort Porter, Black Rock, near Buffalo, N. Y., in charge of Captain C. E. Blunt. - This work is in good condition generally and ready for its armament. Small repairs needed for the officers' quarters and for the wood-work of the bridges, & c., can be made from the available funds.

Fort Niagara, mouth of the Niagara River, N. Y., in charrge of Captain C. E. Blunt. - The wooden cribs used for protection of the shore at this fort are not sufficient to endure the heavy seas to which they are frequently exposed. Something more permanent may be needed. The work is ready for its armament, except a portion of the traverse circles, which being of wood should be replaced by stone. The magazine and block houses are in good condition. There are no accommodations for a garrison at this work. The wooden revetments require to be replaced by stone at a cost of $ 75,000.

Fort Ontario, Oswego, N. Y., in charge of Captain C. E. Blunt. - The gun platforms and circles of this fort being of wood are unserviceable. They should be reconstructed of stone. The magazines, quarters, and barracks are generally in good order. The scarps and counterscarps should be revetted with stone, for which an appropriation of $ 100,000 is needed.

Fort Montgomery, Rouse's Point, N. Y., in charge of Captain E. C. Blunt. - The small amount of appropriation has prevented any considerable progress being made with this work. The expenditure has been applied principally upon the scarps and connected masonry of Curtain II, in which part of the work 731 cubic yards of masonry have been laid. With the appropriation asked it is expected to prepare the fort for most of its armament. Appropriation asked, $ 100,000.

Fort Knox, narrows of the Penobscot River, Me., in charge of Lieutenant J. C. Palfrey until April 29, 1861; afterward of Mr. J. J. Lee. - During the year the two remaining gun casemates were completed; the walls of the south magazine built to the level of the first floor; the reverse slope of Battery A and a portion of the southeast cover face sodded; the southeast stair tower commenced, and the construction of the scarp and parade walls continued. The next year it is expected to complete the scarps and terre-plein of the water fronts, the two magazines of the main work, the casemates and terre-pleins of the north and south fronts, and provide for mounting most of the guns on the water fronts. Appropriation asked, & 100,000.