War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0671 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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the Governor of that State, I have the honor to represent that existing fortifications at the following important places, namely, Portsmouth and Portland Harbors and the Narrows of Penobscot, are prepared for their respective armaments to the extent specified below, the nature of the armament being fixed in the tables of an armament board assembled in 1854 by order of the Secretary of War:

Portsmouth Harbor. - Fort McClary, Kittery, Me.: Nine 8-inch columbiads, barbette; four 12-pounder block-house howitzers.

Portland Harbor. Fort Preble: Sixteen 8-inch columbiads, barbette; seventeen 32-pounders, barbette; three 24-pounders, barbette; four Coehorn mortars; four 6-pounder guns, field; two 12-pounder howitzers, field. Fort Scammel: Fourteen 8-inch columbiads, barbette; fourteen 8-inch sea-coast howitzers, barbette; twenty-three 32-pounders, barbette; eight 24-pounders, barbette; four 12-pounder block-house howitzers; two 6-pounders, field; one 12-pounder howitzer, field.

Narrows of the Penobscot. - Fort Knox: Twelve 8-inch columbiads, barbette; twenty-two 8-inch sea-coast howitzers, barbette; twenty-one 32-pounders, barbette.

A recapitulation of this readiness gives fifty-one 8-inch columbiads, barbette; thirty-six 8-inch sea-coast howitzers, barbette; sixty-one 32-pounders, barbette; eleven 24-poudners, barbette; total, 159 barbette; eight 12-pounder block-house howitzers; four Coehorn mortars.

I must add that it seems to me of the utmost consequence that all this armament be forthwith mounted in place. I must also add that since the table of armament was fixed by the armament board above mentioned, the means resorted to for the protection of ships' sides are of a nature to nullify nearly the effects of all guns except those of large caliber, consequently in the defense of places so important as those now considered no small guns, including in that term even 32-pounders, should be relied on. As it is understood that 42-pounders have been dropped - wisely, I think - from the list of heavy guns now made at the foundries, the above recapitulation should be corrected as follows: One hundred and twenty-three 8-inch columbiads, barbette; thirty-six 8-inch sea-coast howitzers, barbette; total, 159 barbette and eight 12-pounder block-house howitzers; four Coehorn mortars.

In a more full report on this subject I shall specify additions to the armament of those places that the operations now in hand will, I trust, afford nearly next year.

I am, & c.,


Brevet Brigadier-General and Colonel of Engineers.

WASHINGTON, November 23, 1861.

Governor MORGAN,

New York or Albany:

We learn there are portions of two regiments of cavalry at Elmira. As we have a superabundance of that article, they might be consolidated and placed in the field. All of which is respectively submitted for your action.


Secretary of War.