War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0670 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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correspondent, is a man in whose judgment and integrity I have heretofore had occasion to place the highest confidence, as he has acted in behalf of the Government at Toulon for me in keeping me informed of the arrivals and departures of Americans at that place, andt in this matter his representations of the character and quality of the arms offered may be relied upon.

I have also the honor to state that I have received an offer from a firm in this city to deliver to the Government at Marseilles 3,000 army overcoats of the style and quality worn by the French army, at $ 7 per coat. They were made at the time of the Italian war, in anticipation of an order from the French Government, but the sudden close of the campaign left them uncalled for upon the hands of the manufacturers. These coats can be shipped immediately to the States upon receipt of an order for them. Should the Department feel disposed to negotiate for all or a portion of the arms embraced in the offer, or for the overcoats. I shall be happy to act for the Department in any way that my services may be commanded.

I have the honor to remain, sir, with deep respect, yount,




TOULON, October 20, 1861.

G. W. VAN HORNE, Esq.,

Consul of the United States of America:

SIR: I beg leave to wait on you with a statement of fire-arms which I should feel happy to sell to your Government at very moderate prices, as follows: 20,000 to 30,000 infantry guns with even barrels, percussion, the whole in good condition, shooting nineteen balls per pound, delivered at Hamburg, packing included, at the price of 13 francs per piece; 15,000 rifled guns, percussion, new French system, new aim, with bayonet, all quite new, used in exercise but in no expedition, of the size of eighteen millimeters diameter of the ball (called carbines), delivered at Hamburg, at 34 francs; 15,000 to 20,000 rifled infantry guns, quite new, with bayonet, percussion, new system, size of seventeen and eighteen millimeters diameter of the ball, at 28 francs, delivered at Hamburg; 5,000 rifled guns, percussion, in very good condition, with bayonet, delivered in Hamburg or Antwerp, at 23 francs. Any quantities of ammunition required could also be supplied. Ten batteries of cannon, new (rifled if desired), composed of six pieces of the size of 6- pounders, and three pieces (howitzer) of the size of 7-pounders, with gun carriages, frame, gunpowder cart (bullets, too), the complete battery at about 45,000 to 48,000 francs. Besides, 10,000 light cavalry sabers.

Respectfully begging you to favor me with your orders in any circumstances, I have the honor of subscribing myself, with great regard, sir, your obedient, humble servant,



Washington, November 23, 1861.


Secretary of War:

SIR: Reporting in part on the subject of the defenses of the coast of Maine, in reference to your late correspondence on that subject with