War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0639 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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general regulations. The regiment will be composed entirely of active members of the Sons of Temperance of the two States. This proposition meets with the approval of this Department, and will be accepted by the Government if the Governors of Maine and Massachusetts will arrange with Mr. Sahms to perfect the organization within the next sixty days.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully,


Secretary of War.


Washington, November 13, 1861.

His Excellency CHARLES S. OLDEN,

Governor of New Jersey, Trenton:

SIR: A communication from your aide, Charles Scranton, dated October 23, addressed to the President of the United States, desiring reimbursement for outlay in organizing volunteers for the service of the Government, and authority to raise three additional regiments, to serve for three years or during the war, has been referred to the Department for reply.

If you will transmit the accounts of the State for the expenses of raising the three-months' volunteers to the Treasury Department an allowance of 40 per cent. will be paid, and another advance may be then made on account of expenses incurred organizing them for three-years' service.

You are hereby authorized to raise and organize three additional regiments of infantry for the service of the Government, to serve for three years, or during the war.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully,


Secretary of War.


Paris, November 14, 1861.


Secretary of War, Washington:

DEAR SIR: I have to acknowledge your favor of October 18, with regard to the contract made with Mr. W. P. Lee for 60,000 first- class rifles. That gentleman has not yet presented himself to me, but when he does you may rest assured he will receive every facility in my power to give him. By the terms of his proposal he is to be paid upon delivery in Paris, and he is to complete the delivery by January 14, 1862, commencing with 10,000 on the 25th of this month. If I am to pay for them, of course you will provide the funds in season.

On the 15th of October last I received a notice from Messrs. Baring Bros. & Co. that a credit of $1,000,000 had been opened by the Secretary of the Treasury for Mr. Dayton, Mr. Sanford, and myself jointly. As no instructions to either of us accompanied this notice, I finally ventured to increase my purchases beyond my original instructions and original credit of $2,000,000, not, however, to any great extent. On my return to Vienna I find a note from the Barings containing your instructions to them that this last million is to be placed solely at the disposal of Mr. Sanford. If to be used by him for purchasing arms, he can take any surplus that I have secured, and I have written to him about it.