War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0612 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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among much personal intercourse to be patriotic, without sectional partialities or prejudices, to be highly conscientious in the performance of every duty, and of unrivaled activity and perseverance.

And to you, Mr. Secretary, whom I now officially address for the last time, I beg to acknowledge my many obligations for the uniform high consideration I have received at your hands, and have the honor to remain, sir, with high respect, your obedient servant,


WAR DEPARTMENT, October 31, 1865.


Associated Press, New York:

Please use the following in message for out-bound vessel, and see that it is properly used on other side of the water.


The power of the loyal States girds the rebels closer and closer. Five hundred thousand troops on an arc stretching from Kansas to Cape Hatteras are slowly but surely pushing the rebellion into the interior of the slave States, where it will inevitably perish. There is no abatement of the military spirit in the free States. Now that the harvest is fully ended volunteers for the war fill up regiments with astonishing alacrity. It is unquestionable that the determination to restore the Union and to accept of no compromise whatever with the slavery propagandists increases daily. The annual fall elections in the North and West have resulted almost without opposition in sustaining the policy of the Federal Government. If the President will fight and keep on fighting, the free States will give men and money without stint.

An immense naval expedition sailed for an unknown destination on the coast of the Atlantic cotton States on the 29th. It took out 30,000 men of both services, and was composed of thirty-one large transport vessels, sixteen steam gun-boats, and eight men-of-war, carrying 383 guns. Immense quantities of ordnance, a large number of surf-boats, houses framed ready to be put up, 1,500 shovels, brick in quantity, and all needed materials for a campaign, together with supplies of artillery, cavalry horses, went out in the transports.

HARTFORD, October 31, 1861.


Secretary of War, Washington:

SIR: I have the honor to report that the Tenth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, of over 1,000 men, left this city for Annapolis this afternoon, all well uniformed, armed, and equipped, with orders to report to General A. E. Burnside. To whom shall I report the Eleventh Regiment when ready, which will be soon? An early reply will oblige,

Yours, with high regard,




November 4, 1861.

I respectfully request that the Eleventh Regiment be ordered to this city as soon as it is ready to move.


Major-General, Commanding U. S. Army.