War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0602 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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during the war, one regiment cavalry, 1,146; four batteries of artillery, 156 men each, 624; two unattached companies of cavalry, 95 each, 190; thirty-one regiments infantry, 1,048 each, 32, 488. Total, 34, 448. By 1st December will have ready and in field in addition eighteen regiments infantry, 1,048 each, 18,464; one regiment of cavalry, 1,140; three batteries artillery, 156 men each, 468; six unattached companies cavalry, 79 men, 474. Total, 20,946. Aggregate of three-months' men not now in service, 5,196; aggregate one-year's men now in service, 1,938; aggregate for during the war now in service, 34,258; aggregate for during war by 1st December, in addition to the above, 20,946. Total furnished for the war up to December 1, 62,338. Five regiments ready for guns. Those shipped from Frankfort Arsenal are a swindle on the Government. They can be shook to pieces. I send a box to General Ripley for inspection. What is the contractor's name?


Private Secretary.


Davenport, Iowa, October 27, 1865.


Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.:

SIR: Your telegram to Governor Kirkwood, under date of the 26th instant, has been answered by telegram to-day.* For details in relation to the answer I have to state that Iowa furnished one three-months' regiment of 990 men. We have nine regiments of infantry and two (First and Third) regiments cavalry now in the field. The Eleventh and Twelfth Regiments of Infantry are now ready. . The Second Regiment of Cavalry is organized and ready, but lacks about 600 horses. The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Regiments of Infantry, for Forts Randall and Leavenworth, are nearly full. three hundred men from the Fourteenth Infantry leave to-day for Fort Randall.

Including the three-months' regiment and the regiments now in the field, Iowa will have ready by December 1 sixteen regiments of infantry and four regiments of cavalry. Iowa has also, by authority of the War Department, a battery of artillery attached, each, to the Fourth Regiment of Infantry (Colonel Dodge) and the Ninth Infantry (Colonel Vandever). Fletcher's battery of artillery is ready at Burlington. A regiment of lancers, by authority of the War Department, is organizing in Iowa and rendezvous at Burlington.

The aggregate number of men Iowa will have furnished for the war by December 1 will be at least 20,000.

Your obedient servant,


Adjutant-General of Iowa.

BOSTON, October 27, 1861.


One three-months' regiment of infantry, 780 men. Nine for the war, 9,000 men, already sent forward; five more, 1,000 each, before December 1. One regiment cavalry, 1,200, now full; one company sharpshooters, 100, now full; five companies artillery, 156 each. Aggregate, 16,860. Your telegram reached me here. I return Tuesday.