War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0520 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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is enforced against those who have been enlisting under General Fremont's order through me, the Government will lose several thousand men, who will not have anything to do with Governor Dennison. They will disband before they come under his administration. All I ask is authority to send away those who have already received authority from me to go. Can I have it? If not, great confusion will prevail. Will issue no new permits.


INDIANAPOLIS, September 16, 1861.


SIR: I have the honor to report the following regiments at the places mentioned in this State, with the numbers appended:

Indianapolis, 900; regiment full in one week.

Lawrenceburg, 850; regiment full in one week.

Richmond, 800; regiment full in one week.

Anderson, 750; regiment full in ten days.

Fort Wayne, 1,010; regiment full.

Fort Wayne, 400; regiment full in two week.

Laporte, 800; regiment full in a week.

La Fayette, 900; regiment full in three days.

Terre Haute, 1,010; regiment full.

Terre Haute, 300; regiment full in two weeks.

Evansville, 400; regiment full in two weeks.

New Albany, 1,010; regiment full.

Madison, 900; regiment full in one week.

Sharpshooters, 1,000; regiment full.

German regiment, 800; regiment full in ten days.

Cavalry, five companies, 400; regiment being organized.

For these regiments we have no arms in the State, and they are particularly needed. We have besides these twenty-two regiments in the field, and five others forming, not put down. Miles J. Fletcher, one of the State officers, being about to visit your city, I send above statistics, and ask your attention to matter of arms.

Very respectfully, yours,



Des Moines, Iowa, September 16, 1861.


Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.:

DEAR SIR: At the request of Governor Kirkwood I write you upon the subject or raising the four additional regiments of soldiers required from this State. It is more than possible that we shall resort to drafting in order to comply promptly with the requirements of the Government. Our own State militia laws are very meager, and provide no machinery for raising troops in this manner. I ma not advised as to what laws many have been passed at the recent session of Congress, or of any laws or regulations of the General Government under which we should proceed. We write to you for information and direction, as also for the necessary authority in case we should act under the warrant of the General Government. Please advise us at an early day. It may be that we can raise the troops without a resort to compulsion, but he wish