War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0481 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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to meet it. Full and speedy preparation will defeat all attempts. This home guard will remain all quiet, and we must not permit the idea of fail to be entertained for a moment. I will do all I can, and I have no doubt I shall succeed, but I have made the above requests in order that our success may be hastened and be complete, I was in straits at Toddtown Saturday and yesterday. They are raising a company there. They have fifty-three enrolled, and expect soon to have the minimum required by law. The company at Church Creek at Church Creek is ready for mustering in. Cambridge company is nearly full. Our friends are at work Caroline, Talbot, Somerset, and Queen Anne, and I have no doubt of our success, but we want al the help we can get. Therefore please aid Mr. Willis all you can. I will be up on Thursday, and want you to accompany me to Washington and Baltimore.

Yours, truly, &c.,



ANNAPOLIS, September 3, 1861.

Colonel Wallace is the gentleman authorized to raise a home brigade for the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and Colonel Willis should be authorized, I think, to co-operate with him. Colonel Willis is a man of energy, of means; rely on him as a true Union man.



Trenton, September 2, 1861.


Secretary of War:

SIR: It seems probable that some of the States may have difficulty in forwarding their quotas of troops as rapidly as the interests of the Government may require, and I therefore, in addition to the eighth regiments of infantry, two batteries of artillery, and one regiment of cavalry already accepted from this State, tender to you a regiment of riflemen. There are in this State a large number of disciplined riflemen, Germans, who have seen actual service abroad, and who, though not willing to serve as infantry of the line, would render efficient service in the field. If you want them I will raise the regiment forthwith, although the extra pay allowed by the State to each of its soldiers draws #50,000 annually from the treasury for each regiment we put in your service. In making this offer I proffer at the same time my earnest request that you will permit Captain A. T. A. Torbet to accept the command of the First Regiment from this State in the place of Colonel Montgomery, promoted to be brigadier-general. I know the difficulty with which you comply with such requests, but I put it to you in all fairness whether the exertions and readiness of the people of this State do not entitle me to ask from your that you should enable me to fill properly a vacancy which otherwise I am absolutely unable to fill. I shall send the Sixth Regiment in day or two, the other regiments in a week or two. I would be obliged if you reply to this note be handed to Mr. Gummere, who presents this to you. He is one of the State officials, and will act with full powers from me.

Your obedient servant,