War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0478 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Washington, September 3, 1861.

1. It is announced that the appropriation "for collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers, under the acts authorizing the President to accept the services of 500,000 men, " is intended for the payment of all expenses that may hereafter be incurred therefor, as well as for the reimbursement to individuals of such amounts as have been already justly and actually expended by them in raising troops that have been, or may, be received into the service of the Unites States.

Reimbursements of expenses for organizations raised, or attempted to be raised, but no actually mustered into the U. S. service, will not be made.

Claims of States of expenditures heretofore made by them in raising volunteers are provided for by separate and distinct appropriations and will not be paid from the one now referred to.

Bills must in all cases specify the date of expenditure the particular item and amount, and the company or regiment for which the expense was incurred. They must be accompanied by the receipt of the party to whom payment was made, and by a certification of the officer or person incurring the expense that the amount charged is accurate and just, and that it was necessary for the public service, for troops raised for the Unites States.

Among expenses properly chargeable against this appropriation may be enumerated:

First. Rent of rendezvous or office for recruiting.

Second. Commutation of fuel and quarters for officer already mustered into service, when detached on recruiting duty.

Third. Subsistence of volunteers prior to their muster into service. After such muster, subsistence will be provided by the Subsistence Department. If possible, subsistence will be issued in kind, as recognized in the regular service (or if other articles are substituted, the cost of the whole must not exceed the regular supplies,) and will be paid for at rates not exceeding the current prices at the place of purchase. If subsistence cannot be furnished in kinnecessary, it will be furnished at a rate not to exceed foem.

Fourth. Necessary transportation of volunteers prior to completion of company organization and muster into service as a company. After completion of such organization and muster transportation will be paid by the Quartermaster's Department. Transportation will be at the rate of two cents per mile for railroad travel, and at the current rates for stage and steam- boat fare.

Fifth. Rent of grounds and buildings for camping purposes, cost of erection of quarters, of cooking stoves when absolutely necessary, of clerk and office hire when authorized by the Adjutant-General, and of all expenses incidental to camps of rendezvous.

Sixth. Knoves, forks, tin cups, and tin plates for volunteers.

Seventh. Necessary medicines and medical attendance prior to organization of regiments, or the mustering in of the regimental surgeons.

Eighth. Actual railroad, stage, or steam-boat fare necessarily incurred by authorized agents in raising or recruiting volunteers.

Ninth. Advertising. Officers recruiting will be authorized to advertise for recruits in not to exceed two newspapers for each rendezvous under their charge.

Tent. Fuel and straw, previous to company organization, according the to allowance for the Regular Army.